Anker Introduces 1080p Webcam For Conferencing


The Anker company , which has recently opened the Ankerwork product line, has made the Powerconf C300 available to the market , an excellent camera with Full HD 1080p resolution, three field of view options: 78º, 90º and 115º automatically adjustable amplitude, and an integrated chipset for AI that provides an accurate color image and, as evidenced by product tests, with optimal performance in low light situations. It integrates dual stereo microphones with values ​​such as active ambient noise cancellation and gain control, to keep the conversation clear.

The PowerConf C300 is now available for purchase at a price of 129.99 euros.

Outstanding features
One of the outstanding values ​​of the product points to its optimal performance in low light conditions and the response it provides in terms of images with accurate colors. It comes with a 2MP 1080p / 60fps camera and comes with dual noise-canceling microphones, a snap-on privacy shutter, and different settings for the field of view, which can be automatically adjusted (intelligent auto-framing) based on the number of people. onscreen.

It should also be noted that the integrated artificial intelligence system allows the device to focus on people or objects almost immediately, in 0.35 seconds. And for optimized performance, it manages automatic low-light correction for when you conference in dark areas.

It uses USB-C for the interface, although it also adds an adapter (USB-C to USB-A). It is compatible with Windows 7 and later, macOS 10.11 and later, and Linux, and works with virtually all communication and transmission software programs today, according to the manufacturer.

Recommendations for use
PowerConf C300 is the first 1080p Full HD webcam in the AnkerWork line, Anker Innovations’ range of work products, which is committed to good conference performance thanks to an integrated chipset for artificial intelligence and offers a quality image, with accurate color reproduction in low-light environments. It is therefore possible to use it, without problems, where other cameras falter in image definition.

As a consequence of the field of vision options, the recommendation is to use it with 78º for close-ups, 90º for an intermediate option and 115º for the widest field of vision, it is possible to adapt that field according to needs.

The device provides intelligent image cropping, making it easy to keep one speaker or group centered on the screen. Its chip recognizes faces and automatically follows movements by panning and tilting the camera. The built-in MagicSight technology automatically adjusts the field of view based on the number of people in the meeting, which means it is recommended when there are many participants.

The PowerConf C300’s active noise cancellation and gain control manages sound clearly even when there are nearby noises.

As Steven Yang , Founder and CEO of Anker Innovations points out, “For many, working from home is a dream come true, but this has also brought its own challenges: distractions, upgradeable lighting, problems with power and cable management… The devices AnkerWork helps fix many of these issues. “

Added values
Anker PowerConf C300 is a 1080p Full HD webcam, for video conferencing and streaming with different modes, and settings such as AI autofocus and framing, noise canceling microphones, HDR, low light correction, and certified for Zoom.

The focus is on the speaker, who keeps it in focus. The AI chip recognizes faces and automatically tracks movement by panning and tilting the camera.

The innovative AI-based MagicSightTM technology automatically adjusts the field of view based on the number of people participating in the meeting.

As a result of active noise cancellation and active gain control, conversation is loud and clear, even in a noisy environment.

The camera automatically focuses on people or objects in 0.35 seconds.


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