News MWC 21 Nickelodeon’s Nickwatch Watch Arrives


ViacomCBS Networks International (VCNI) has presented Nickelodeon’s first smart and connected NickWatch at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona . It is a family-oriented device, which will be released in 2022, and is characterized by offering secure entertainment and communication functions.

The NickWatch offers children independence, as well as a remarkable range of entertainment from well-known Nickelodeon characters . The underlying technology platform provides a direct line of communication with family and friends, will promote physical activity, and help little ones explore the world with confidence. Each device will include its own smartwatch, two straps and an entertaining charging base with the characters.

Shared activities
NickWatch is designed to foster family intercommunication, while fostering a sense of independence and helping children explore the world, knowing that their caregivers are just a touch away. The watch will encourage children to have a healthy lifestyle, promoting physical and social activities with enough storytelling to inspire imagination. In this way, they can play alone or with friends who have a NickWatch to share the same adventure .

Entertainment based on iconic Nickelodeon properties includes photo filters, moving sound effects and musical instruments that sound based on hand movements. In addition, periodic content updates will be added with new games, stickers and sound effects, among others.

A plus of security
The platform will allow two main modes of communication: text and voice calls . Parents and caregivers can send a text message to the child from their phone, and they can respond with predetermined responses, voice messages that NickWatch converts into text, emojis or photos.

The child can also call his parents or contacts within his directory and receive incoming calls from pre-selected contacts. Parents or caregivers can create group conversation threads and can also send stickers , timers, reminders, photos, voice messages, and even create polls.

On the other hand, children and parents can stay connected through a map function that will allow caregivers and family to see the current location of all members through GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile phone towers, simply by downloading the application on your device.


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