The 6 Most Applauded Novelties Of MWC 21 Held In Barcelona


The most applauded novelties of this edition have been the following:

Nickelodeon NickWatch Clock
ViacomCBS Networks International (VCNI) has introduced Nickelodeon’s smart and connected NickWatch, a family-oriented device due to launch in 2022.

The device will offer children entertainment from well-known Nickelodeon characters. The underlying technology platform will provide a direct line of communication with family and friends, promote physical activity, and help little ones explore the world with confidence. It is managed by two main modes of communication: text and voice calls.

The child can call his parents or contacts within his directory and receive incoming calls from pre-selected contacts. Parents or caregivers can create group conversation threads and can also send stickers, timers, reminders, photos, voice messages, and even create polls. On the other hand, children and parents can stay connected through a map function that will allow caregivers and the family to see the current location of all members.

YouCare, smart shirt
The YouCARE t-shirt has a remote health monitoring service, based on an innovative wearable technology, totally textile and washable. It is capable of detecting a large number of biovital parameters and transmitting them, intelligently, through 5G. The project focuses on the use of textile devices without metallic components and with sensors naturally placed on the fabric.

It allows the detection of different measurements such as a real electrocardiogram, an analysis of respiration, sweat components, muscular effort and body temperature, which has never been detected by textile sensors. The T-shirt allows transmission, via ZTE 5G connection, to health and control centers, as well as individual users.

Honor returns with Google
Honor, the mobile phone brand, now independent from Huawei, has announced the restoration of Google applications and services on its phones, and plans to use the US firm’s software in its new series of smartphones, the Honor 50.

The brand had been banned from installing Google services as a result of the US blockade on Huawei, but the sale of the division in November 2020 opened the door to have Google software again in the new models.

Its upcoming 50 series features a 108MP main module rear camera setup, 8MP wide angle, 2MP macro, and 2MP depth sensor. The Honor 50 Pro is characterized by its two front cameras: one of 12 mpx that provides an angle of 100 degrees and the other of 32 mpx. It has a 6.72-inch screen, compared to the Honor 50’s 6.57-inch screen. Both have a 120Hz refresh rate. Both models use the 5G Qualcomm 778G chipset and offer 100W fast charging.

The Honor 50 will cost about 350 euros and the Pro about 480 euros, but it has not been revealed when they will reach our market.

Headphones on slopes.
The Nova H1 Audio Earrings have just been unveiled at MWC 2021 which, at the moment, are the only pair of wireless earbuds embedded in a pearl and mounted on a gold / silver clip. They are also characterized by being the smallest headphones on the market, the value of the equipment is that they are outstanding and at the same time headphones. They seem outstanding, but you can listen to music and make calls with them.

To achieve this, the firm has patented Directional Sound technology that sends music or voice from the earlobe directly to the ear canal, preventing the diffusion and loss of sound and allowing music and conversations to be kept in total privacy, but still fully aware of what is happening around you thanks to out-of-ear technology. Thanks to their light weight and ultrasleep mode , when the headphones are not in use, they can be worn as earrings and answer calls when needed. On the other hand, by wearing them in the lobe instead of the ear canal, they make the experience more hygienic.

Qualcomm’s new 5G processor
This Mobile presents the latest 5G processor of the company: the Snapdragon 888+ 5G that among its most outstanding features will have a clock speed of 3 Ghz, which means a significant increase of 5 percent compared to the 2.84 Ghz of the model previous. While in the artificial intelligence section, the Snapdragon 888+ 5G has an increase of 20 percent, being capable of performing up to 32 billion operations per second, according to the company.

The mobiles that integrate this processor will be able to capture videos in 4K using HDR, in addition to giving more fluidity and avoiding overheating when playing video games. The most important value of the product is that it will help to bring the most significant performance and 5G speeds to users of all types of mobile phones.

Smart glasses with tele function
The TCL NXTWEAR G glasses that TCL has presented are capable of becoming a portable cinema, and offer an immersive experience for gamers or a private space at home, at work or on the go. They combine a foldable and mountless design, and have the advantage of applying a grab-and-go and plug-and-play concept, so they can be charged by a compatible laptop, tablet or smartphone.

This creates a hassle-free viewing environment when combined with other technologies. The device features dual Sony FHD Micro OLED high definition panels, positioned to offer a home theater experience, emulating a 140-inch screen with a 16: 9 aspect ratio. They are compatible with more than 100 mobiles,


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