Mercadona’s Solution For 1.65 Euros That Will Save You A Hairdressing Expense


Mercadona’s solution for 1.65 euros that will save you a hairdressing expense. It is a mask with several varieties and it revitalizes hair color.

The leading chain in the supermarket sector in Spain, Mercadona , has an increasingly abundant catalog in its drugstore section, specifically the one dedicated to beauty products.

This catalog is expanding more and more and now, the chain founded by the Roig family has launched an article specially designed for hair care, which can save its customers good money on hairdressing.

It is about the Reviva Deliplus Colorcor hair mask. It comes in different varieties, such as black, violin, chocolate, red or copper, and each unit box is priced at 1.65 euros.

Two examples of the Mercadona mask.Two examples of the Mercadona mask.MERCADONA
“Color Reviva is an express color mask that brightens and revitalizes hair color. Its formula enriched with Chia Oil provides softness, nourishment and extreme shine,” says the product label.

Mercadona is a Spanish distribution company based in the municipality of Tabernes Blanques and origin in the nearby Puebla de Farnals, both belonging to the province of Valencia.

It has thousands of supermarkets spread over all the Spanish provinces and Portugal, with a sales room with an average surface area of 1,300 square meters.


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