Personal Development An Ally To Be Comfortable With Our Money


Some countries have introduced a Ministry of Happiness in their public organization chart. Bhutan, which is one of them, rejects GDP as the only measure of prosperity. This small Himalayan state introduced the concept of Gross Inner Happiness (FIB) years ago.

Venezuela also considers it a matter of state and has a portfolio like that of Bhutan. Also in the personal sphere, steps can be taken towards this well-being, for which the economic component is a main actor .

“Happiness, normally, we believe that it is a consequence of doing what we want. But lasting happiness is the consequence of having a plan and walking towards it ”, explains Sergio Fernández, director of the Master in Personal Development. “

Summer is a wonderful time to consider the essential issues of life . Normally we do the other way around, we use the summer to distract ourselves ”, the director of the Institute for Positive Thinking explained recently in Finect Talks .

Fernández assures that the experience accumulated over the years with his students shows him that ” many people do not have an economic plan and do not know what their economic life will become in five years .” That project, he adds, does not lead directly to achieving all of our goals, but it is a necessary start to planning for personal finances and other areas of life.

“Many people do not have an economic plan and do not know what will become of their economic life in five years”
Asked how to begin to draw up that plan, Fernández says that “starting with a blank page is a good idea, but first you have to learn to live, learn to invest, to manage companies …” The Covid-19 experience, in the eyes of this entrepreneur, is an opportunity to generate changes in our lives. To do this, people must consider some factors.

“There are two main ones without which there is no change: one is the body and health. When you are burned out and without energy, they can talk to you about becoming a millionaire or investing easily and effectively , but if you are sleepy, all you want is to sleep ”.

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The second factor, according to Fernández, is to reflect on the goals we want to achieve . The director of the Master of Personal Development indicates that people tend to think that they lack time to fulfill the objectives of their life plan. “There are always more possibilities than it seems”, and these go through a correct organization of personal time: “How many times do you go shopping a week?

How do you organize the house? Are you optimizing cleaning tasks? ”, Exemplifies Fernández, who advocates dedicating the necessary time to the essentials in life (family, health) and, to the rest, taking minutes“ without palliative ”. In this way, progress will be made in the personal improvement plan.

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Experiences with money
The bad financial experiences , such as hiring an unwanted product with the bank header, lead people to distrust and have doubts about their finances. The director of the Positive Thinking Institute points out that being aware of the patterns with which we act in the past is the key to improving the decisions of tomorrow.

“Our beliefs, what is not seen, originate what is seen: the money you earn, how you save it and how you invest it … Unless I become aware, I will spend the rest of my life repeating it,” concludes Fernández.


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