How Long Does It Take To Approve A Permanent Disability


The process of applying for a permanent disability pension requires the approval of the disability file, something that can take several months and extend through several phases in which the applicant must not lose calm and patience despite the uncertainty . This procedure has its times and the citizen has to accept the rules of the game.

As reported by the law firm specialized in disability issues Campmany Abogados , the approval of a permanent disability requires a process of seven phases that the citizen has to go through in order to obtain, if he surpasses them, a pension according to his degree (partial , total, absolute or severe disability).

In the first place, the aspiring pensioner must accumulate all the useful information to request the disability and open the file: personal, medical, labor data and a disability form. With everything compiled, you can go to a Social Security center to officially open the file.

At that moment, the ball goes to the Social Security court. The second phase is the issuance of the medical opinion , that is, the decision of the medical court, which is not binding but is of great importance for the final decision of the Social Security. For that important appointment, it is vital to follow certain advice and know what the court values for the evaluation.

After this medical examination, the Disability Assessment Commission will launch a disability proposal that will reach Social Security. The next steps are the study of the working life and the contributions made, as well as the final study and the proposed resolution by the Social Security.

It is not the final step, since this proposal requires a subsequent review and confirmation . If this phase is fulfilled, the last and final one will be the signing of the resolution , which will reach the aspiring pensioner. If your demands are not met, you have the right to appeal.

This entire process can take up to 135 business days , not counting weekends and holidays. In a good part of the cases, the communication to the citizen usually arrives before, but it is necessary to be clear about that key date. For this reason, from Campmany Abogados they invite the applicant not to be in a hurry before a procedure that “may end up despairing if every day you look in the mailbox or at your computer in the hope that the resolution has arrived”.

So you can check the status of your disability resolution
Even so, in case the citizen wishes to consult his resolution, he should know that the Social Security makes available a consultation system through its platform ‘Your Social Security’, in which by means of a digital certificate (you can get it at four easy steps ), Cl @ ve PIN or user + password can see the status of your resolution.

To do this, the citizen has to click on ‘My Administrative Files’ and, inside, in the section ‘How is my benefit going?’, An area from which you can “consult the situation in which the processing of the service requested, and monitor the phases of the process from the time the request is submitted until it is resolved “.


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