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Freelance Writer, Who Earns His Living By Offering Writing Services To Different Individuals

A freelancer can be defined as an independent worker who works for no fixed employer and may also work for a number of employers at one point of time. A freelance writer is someone who earns his living by offering writing services to different individuals or organizations. Career as a freelance writer is relatively a new phenomenon.

Now a day, more and more writers are working on a freelance basis. They are self-employed and offer their services to newspapers, magazines, online publications, ad agencies or television channels. They work on a contract basis. He/she seeks his/her own work opportunities. This can be a highly rewarding work but involves lots of struggles and challenges.

As a freelance writer, one needs to assess his core skills and interests. Quite a number of freelancers write in different genres but those with complete command over a specific segment have better chances of success. It is not an unusual sight to find freelance writers offering content writing, web writing, blogging, SEO writing, advertising copies and press releases writing services to prospective employers.

Many freelance writers are commissioned by a sponsor to write a script or a book as a ghost writer. A number of freelancers are hired for recurring or short-term assignments by newspaper publications.

The services of freelance writers are sought by a variety of publications and individuals that need different written content for diverse range of tasks. Freelance writers can write short stories, poems, blogs, business proposals, contracts, articles, essays, academic dissertations and manuals. They are free to set their own schedules and conditions to the employers.

To become a freelance writer, one does not require special qualification however, he should have a bachelor degree in journalism, English, mass communication and related field. Needless to say, a freelance writer needs to have absolute command over the language. He needs to be really good at grammatical and spelling skills.

Those willing to pursue this career can work part-time or complete internships for school or college newspapers, local magazines and related publications. Many freelancers prefer to start on their own once they gain extensive experience working for a certain publication. Freelance writers often attend seminars, conferences and writing workshops to enhance their skills and make new contacts.

There is a huge demand for writing services in many parts of the world. A freelancer with substantial experience can do really well in this field. Initially, this job can be highly challenging. He needs to be self-motivated and should be able to handle multiple tasks. Now a day, many freelancers are opting for distance-learning courses in creative writing or communication. Such courses help one in sharpening his talents and master a certain niche genre.

In India, one can go for a course in creative writing or related field from a recognized university. Most of the courses offered are at degree, diploma and certificate levels.

Institutes offering courses in writing field:-
Institute of Communication,
The British Council located in all major metro cities of India
Xavier’s, Mumbai
Central Institute of Indian Languages, Karnataka
IGNOU (distance learning), New Delhi



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