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New Fashion Styles And Fashion Trends

Fashion is not just the clothes but the accessories too. Clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry and beauty products all constitute today’s fashion trends. As far as clothes are concerned, fashion is based on fabric, color and cuts. Fashion trends change according to the season. For instance, during summers the common colors worn are the pastel shades and lighter fabric. Come winter and the preferred color ranges are the darker and brighter ones and the fabric is heavier. These variations also apply to beauty fashion trends. Lipsticks and nail polishes for the summer are usually lighter in range and in winter it is darker with glitter and shine to go with festivities.

While these alternatives are more or less standard, each season does bring into fashion a particular color and style. Off late we have seen the trend of the sixties and seventies in, with the hippy and gypsy style being a preference.

Fashion is not just limited to female fraternity, even men have been taken over by the fashion world.

They have become more conscious of what is in and what is not. They pay more attention to their appearance than hey did earlier.

Children are also aware and prefer to wear what is in fashion.

While seasons are a major contributory factor, the glamour world of modeling and acting are the actual fashion leaders. Fashion houses endorse the latest trends through the media. So to know what’s happening and what’s not, you need to keep a keen watch on what models and actors are wearing, what kind of make up do they have on and even their hair-do depends on the present fashion trend. So who said that keeping in times is difficult? Expensive maybe, but yet not beyond one’s reach!



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