Part Of Your Payroll That Says What You Contribute To Social Security


The arrival of the payroll is the best time of the month for workers, who see in this document the salary paid by the company and, in addition, the contributions they make to Social Security and taxes.

At times, workers can get lost in the amount of information that payroll offers. How much do you pay for contributions? And how much in income tax? And in which part of the payroll can it be consulted? The truth is that the model of these documents is regulated in a specific regulation.

It is the order ESS / 2098/2014, of November 6, which establishes a “new model of individual receipt justifying payment of salary”. In the text published in the Official State Gazette (BOE) there is a template that serves as a guide for the worker so that he can check in his own payroll how much he contributes to Social Security.

As can be seen in the following template, after the sections in which the worker data, the company data, the settlement period and the set of salary and non-salary perceptions appear, we arrive at the deductions section . This is where you have to consult, in the section ‘ Employee contributions to Social Security contributions ‘.

As can be seen in the image, there are four specific points. If we start from the example of a payroll of a full-time permanent contract, and according to the Social Security information for 2021 , the worker will pay 4.70% of their base salary as common contingencies, a 1, 55% unemployment and 0.10% for vocational training.

Below, in the part of company contributions to Social Security, these amounts are collected, which are 23.60% for common contingencies, 5.50% for unemployment, 0.60% for professional training and 0.20% to FOGASA (Salary Guarantee Fund).

Returning to the worker’s obligations, we will have to return to the deductions part to see what amount is paid to the Tax Agency as personal income tax (Personal Income Tax) . In this section, the percentage that has been reached in agreement with the company and the amount it represents must be recorded.


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