The Social Security Warns Of An Email That May Arrive Soon


Phishing cases are becoming more frequent , a technique where cybercriminals often impersonate users’ trusted entities – such as a bank, telephone company or electricity company – to deceive their victims and get their confidential data. Fraud through emails is usually the most common, although this criminal practice is also carried out through SMS or WhatsApp .

Faced with the rise of this cybercrime, the General Treasury of Social Security has wanted to launch a message on social networks to warn its users that, on this occasion, an important email could come from this government office, and that they should not delete thinking that it is a virtual scam.

“The Treasury is sending an informative email to all the self-employed in matters of debts and account charges,” the agency has assured on its Twitter account.

So that future recipients of this email can have the sender well identified and not raise suspicions that it may be fraud, Social Security has specified that the email address from which this message will be sent is: noreply @ seg-social. is .

📧 The Treasury is sending an informative e-mail to all the self-employed # regarding debts and account charges. The sender is
𝗡𝗼 is a fraud.

  • TGSS Information (@info_TGSS) August 26, 2021
    Finally, the Treasury asks that all those emails with that sender not be deleted, since “it is not a fraud” , they insist.

Police Tips
To avoid being victims of a phishing scam, the National Police advises to distrust any call or message from unknown numbers that are interested in personal information or give instructions to access a link.

It also asks not to click on links of unknown origin ; be alert to messages that try to convey urgency, that warn about some type of risk on money or that offer prizes or special offers ; or contrast the message with reliable sources such as the bank itself or with the Security Forces and Bodies.

Likewise, it requests not to provide bank details , since banks never require password information by email or by phone.

In the event of having suffered an identity theft, account theft or fraud, it is recommended to document everything that happened , take a screenshot of all the information about the event in order to be able to contribute it in the corresponding report and go as soon as possible to a technical service to reset the terminal to factory settings.


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