Bose Renews One Of Its Classics, The Most Famous Noise Canceling Headphones


Bose has introduced the new QuietComfort 45, the new version of one of its most popular products for its active noise cancellation.

For years, if you were looking for noise-canceling headphones, the only real alternative was from Bose; The QuietComfort 35s were the absolute reference , especially for airplane travelers who wanted to sleep during the journey, for their comfort. But it is no less true that the market has evolved, and there are already many more options that offer the same.

Therefore, this renovation was highly anticipated, although as you might imagine, Bose has tried not to reinvent the wheel, and the new QuietComfort 45s are very similar to the previous ones. In design, they are identical and only small details differentiate them. The good news is that that means they also retain their benefits, such as low weight and comfort with rotating cups and a padded headband.

The main improvements, according to Bose, are in the aforementioned active noise cancellation , which is now faster (as much as a fraction of a millisecond), more capable (especially in the mid frequencies) and more comprehensive, including an Aware Mode, a transparency mode that reproduces outside sound; in this way, we can hear if they speak to us without removing the headphones. We can activate this mode directly with the controls on the headset, and we also have a button to mute the microphone during calls; on the right, we have multimedia controls, all physical.

These new headphones will also feature ‘beam-forming’ technology, capable of isolating voices and eliminating sounds from the environment; It will be especially useful for making video calls anywhere, without disturbing the rest of the participants due to the noise of the place where we are. The secret is in the use of a new chip, which Bose does not want to elaborate on because it is a proprietary design. That has also led to greater energy efficiency, and they can now last up to 24 hours on one charge; fast charging over USB-C gets three hours of listening time with just 15 minutes of charging.

The Bose QuietComfort 45 will be available in mid-September for $ 329.95, with a price to be confirmed in Spain.


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