Order To Withdraw This Popular Cinnamon Sold In Madrid, Catalonia And Valencia


Health alert: order to withdraw this popular cinnamon sold in Madrid, Catalonia and Valencia. The batch in question contained unlabeled sulphites on its packaging.

New health alert in sight, which ends with a product marketed in different establishments having to be withdrawn. In this case with a batch of cinnamon , the presence of undeclared sulfites has been the trigger since it could put human health at risk.

The Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (Aesan), dependent on the Ministry of Consumption , has notified these days a new risk in a product sold in supermarkets. All after first raising alerts in Belgium and being the Brussels authorities who have passed the notice to Spain, in order to make the same decision.

Order the withdrawal of all establishments where a batch of cinnamon powder was being sold, from the Trs Asia’s Finest Food brand that had been marketed in the Community of Madrid, Catalonia and the Valencian Community. Specifically, the affected lot corresponds to 2020210 , with consumer preferred the 07/30/2023 .

The presence of sulfites does not pose a risk to the non-allergic population
With sulfite content that was not seen on the label, this presence posed a serious risk for those allergic to it since they could not detect it previously. These additives are used in the food industry as antioxidants , which is why their use is common in products such as cinnamon powder.

Therefore, the Aesan has made it clear that those allergic to sulfites who have this product at home refrain from consuming it , as well as it has ordered the removal of all shelves to the affected regions. “This cinnamon does not carry any risk for the rest of the population,” the institution has remarked as the last proof of its latest health alert.


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