Social Security Alert, This Email Impersonates Your Identity And Is A Fraud


The Social Security alert: this email impersonates your identity and is a “fraud”. Some people have received emails offering a money back. The body has clarified that it is not theirs and that they have supplanted their identity. Recommend not clicking on links that are not from trusted senders.

As usual, Social Security contacts citizens through its channels on social networks to inform them of everything related to the body, including alerts about identity theft on the internet.

This is the case of one of his latest publications on his information profile on the social network Twitter , in which he has reported that some users have received an email that impersonates the identity of Social Security under the hook of announcing to the taxpayer the return of certain amounts of money.

The email informs the citizen, posing as Social Security, that they have the right to a refund of an amount of money and invites them to click on a link (which pretends to be from an official channel) in order to proceed with the refund .

Although the body does not specify the objective of this campaign, on previous occasions, under the same guise, fraud attempts that sought to obtain personal data from citizens, including banking information, have been reported.

The agency has reported that, if this email is received, the citizen should not click and should delete it immediately. And that, in case of doubts, first check with the Social Security itself.

“Do not download any application, or click on the links or attachments,” has asked the agency, which has made it clear that this email is a “fraud” from a malicious email that seeks to impersonate Social Security.


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