Yolanda Díaz Urges Sánchez And Calviño To Comment On The Minimum Wage


The rise in the minimum interprofessional wage (SMI) will not go to the Council of Ministers on Tuesday either. The Third Vice President and Minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Díaz, has confirmed that the measure remains paralyzed, for the moment, due to the lack of agreement with the social agents and waiting for the majority part of the Government, where the final decision.

Díaz has maintained his position on Monday: the minimum wage must increase this year. On a visit to Alicante to meet with the president of the Generalitat, the socialist Ximo Puig, he defended the rise: ” It goes without saying how the IPC is and how badly people are going through it.”

Díaz has returned to criticize the position of the employer , which refuses any increase this year. “He sat down asking for zero euros and got up from the table with zero euros. This is not negotiating,” reproached the vice president, who has continued to maintain informal contacts this weekend with the unions, which are trying to agree to a higher increase than the range of between 12 and 19 euros proposed by Work and recommended by the experts who analyzed how the rise should progressively be to reach the commitment that the SMI reaches 60% of the average salary at the end of the legislature.

As he has said, Díaz knows “well where the agreement may be” with both CCOO and UGT, who suggest that on January 1, 2022 the SMI, currently frozen at 950 euros, reaches 1,000 euros. However, the minister has indicated that the final decision “is not in this part of the coalition (in reference to United We Can) but right now in the majority part of the Government, which must be the one that is pronounced . ” It is at this point that he has confirmed that the measure will not enter tomorrow’s meeting of the Council of Ministers.

Díaz’s statements are a direct appeal to President Pedro Sánchez, who at the end of August advanced the immediate rise of the same , and to the First Vice President and Minister of Economy, Nadia Calviño , who closed the increase during the first half of the year at the waiting for better economic prospects.

After elaborating on the fact that “the debate is within the Government”, he recalled that the priority of his ministry is the most vulnerable people , especially citizens who are “outside the agreement and who have a hard time” and for the that “although they are symbolic amounts, they are important for families.”


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