Your Android Mobile Will Receive Functions That Were Exclusive To Google Pixel


Google has announced that all Android users will have access to features that, until now, were only available on phones in the Pixel range.

It is usual that the company gives priority to the Google Pixel , its own mobiles and where it has more control over the hardware and software; That is where many of the functionalities that later come to Android and other devices are released. This week, Google has announced some of these news.

For example, all mobile users with Android 6 onwards will be able to use the new Google Photos function to protect their photos with a password ; It’s called Private Folder, and it will appear as a new option. The photos and videos that we put in that folder will not be able to be accessed unless we put the password that we have defined, preventing someone from taking our mobile and seeing them, for example.

With the new update, we can also turn our mobile into a remote control for the television , as long as it is based on Google TV or Android TV; all we have to do is add it in the quick settings or enter the Google TV app. This functionality will reach more countries in the coming weeks.

Google has also introduced two interesting features, designed for accessibility but that all users will be able to take advantage of. Camera Switches turns the front camera of our mobile into an interface, allowing us to make gestures with the face to control the mobile. And Project Activate is a new app that allows you to make facial gestures to activate predefined actions; for example, we can make the mobile say a word, play a sound or send a text message.

The Google Assistant will get better with a new reminders feature; If we ask “Hey, Google open my reminders”, we will see suggestions that we can activate with a touch and create new automatic reminders. Finally, Android Auto now receives several video games that we can enjoy in the car while we are parked, in addition to having support for work profiles and dual SIM support.


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