Almirall Launches Its Medicine With A Potential Of 250 Million In Europe


Almirall begins marketing its new therapeutic promise in Europe. Klisyri, the innovation of the Catalan pharmaceutical for topical actinic keratosis can be prescribed both in Germany and in the United Kingdom, being the first countries in the Old Continent where the product is sold. The company expects this drug to reach maximum sales of 250 million euros when it completes its launch in the rest of European countries .

The drug began to be marketed in the United States at the beginning of 2021. During the first half of the year, according to the results of the Catalan firm, it sold 1.3 million euros during its first stages in the market. Now, and until the end of this year, Almirall plans to gradually add countries to its commercial network, including Spain. According to estimates, it is believed that in Germany there are 1.7 million patients annually who might need the drug, while in the United Kingdom the forecasts are similar.

“We are privileged to bring a new and innovative medicine with the potential to help millions of patients across Europe; the convenient 5-day dosing schedule should significantly ease the burden of conventional therapies,” stated Gianfranco Nazzi, Chief Executive Officer of Almirall.

The history of this drug began three years ago now. It was then that the Catalan pharmaceutical company signed an agreement with the biotechnology company Athenex for the acquisition of this molecule, at that time in clinical trials.

After making an initial payment of up to 55 million euros, the American company took charge of its development in the United States and Almirall in Europe. After the FDA’s yes, the commercialization passed entirely to the Spanish firm, although Athenex will receive up to 65 million per milestone. In addition, the contract also contemplated the payment of staggered royalties starting at 15% based on annual net sales, which will increase in case of higher income.

Together with Seysara, this drug represents the two great assets for the future of the company in the dermatological area, the main one in the pharmaceutical area. Both will have to fill the gap that Aczone will gradually leave, which after the end of the patent and the appearance of generics is losing weight in the company’s accounts.


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