Treasury Will Allocate 3500 Million To Renovate Muface


The Council of Ministers will approve this Tuesday the renewal of the Muface agreement for the next three years. The Ministry of Finance will authorize an item of 3,571 million euros for the period between 2022 and 2024, which represents an increase in the premiums that insurers will receive between 8 and 10% . Specifically, it will be 8% for the first year, it will rise to 8.75% for 2023 and 10% for 2024 in relation to the premium for the 2020-2021 financial year.

The new agreement between insurers and states for the coverage of civil servants comes in the middle of the controversy. On the one hand, the employer of the private health Aspe demanded an increase in premiums that was not less than 11% and whose value for the last year of the agreement was 15% to guarantee the quality of the service.

The government’s response has been not to move from the figures revealed at the end of last week by this newspaper. Of the same opinion is one of the insurers that usually provide the service for officials who so choose, DKV. “It seems to us clearly insufficient and that it does not ensure the viability of the model,” the company told this media after learning of the Treasury’s intentions. Other insurers present in the model have preferred not to make statements.

Along with the controversy over financing, there is also the dispute within the Government. United We have been trying to put an end to this insurance model in recent times, with a last attack a few days ago through a non-binding legislative initiative. The Ministry of Social Rights led by Ione Belarra has sent critical observations to the Department of Finance, both regarding the extension over time of this mutual model and the increase in the amount for concerts

The Ministry that runs Unidas Podemos understands that the increase in the premium “is not in accordance both with the available data and with the commitment of the government agreement, which explicitly indicates the shielding of the public health system and the commitment to health based on public management “, according to Europa Press.

The last renewal of the agreement took place in December 2019. On that occasion, and for two years, an item was established that slightly exceeded 2,250 million euros.


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