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Patatas Meléndez Rejects Two Investment Funds To Maintain Its Commitment To Rural Areas

The Valladolid company ‘Patatas Meléndez’, which closed last year with a turnover of 104 million euros, has rejected the offer of two investment funds in order to maintain its “commitment” with the territory and with the rural environment since the largest part of its employees, half a thousand, come from the surroundings of the town of Medina del Campo.

The company has rejected the two offers received because its entire production process is linked to the farmers themselves, which allows it to offer the consumer one hundred percent Spanish potato , a goal achieved through an Agrarian Plan launched in the last five years . Hijolusa seek to enter venture capital into its shareholding

This plan is articulated in the agreements that ‘Patatas Meléndez’ maintains with more than 500 farmers, who plant in more than 4,000 hectares, to whom it ensures the purchase of its product, and to whom, from the agronomic department, it is advised to give added value to their crops.

Likewise, it is currently carrying out a process of digitization of all its facilities and processes, with a commitment to the digitization of crops, green energy and the reduction of the use of plastics, for which it is going to carry out an investment of 32 million euros, which implies a new new plant, completely automated, reports Europa Press.

The Valladolid company considers it “essential” to maintain its commitment to the territory and the rural environment in addition to believing that investment funds look to the Spanish agri-food sector “because it is a sector that has shown strength in recessive economic cycles and because it is a sure business opportunity “.

On this issue, the secretary of Asaja León, José Antonio Turrado, considers that for farmers and ranchers “it is never good” that the majority shareholders of a company are an investment fund , and has defended that this shareholder is “people of the agri-food world that believes and is committed to this sector “which has its peculiarities, such as its link with the rural environment and with the producers, from you to you.

“With an investment fund it is not easy to put a face to those who run a company,” said the head of Asaja, who specified that it is “easier” for farmers and ranchers to put a face to the people they have to deal with. for which he thanked Patatas Meléndez “for his commitment to the field and that he continues to dedicate himself to what he does, because he does it well.”



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