Real Madrid-Universidad Europea University School Signs An Agreement With VCU


The Real Madrid-Universidad Europea University School and Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) have signed a collaboration agreement to promote technological training in the sports field. The objective of the agreement is to offer graduate students the opportunity to specialize in the latest technologies used in sport , from data analysis to virtual reality, through blockchain and geolocation, get the best possible performance and thus train to the next generation of leaders in the sport.

Thanks to this collaboration, students can get the unique benefit of combining two postgraduate programs in 18 months: an internationally ranked Master’s in Sport Leadership from the VCU Center for Sport Leadership (CSL) and a pioneering specialization in Sports Technologies and Digital Transformation by the Real Madrid-Universidad Europea University School. On the one hand, CSL will teach the core subjects of its program in person in Richmond (Virginia, USA), while the Real Madrid-Universidad Europea University School will teach three subjects in Madrid: Smart Venues, Sports Technologies Context and Internship.

Through this agreement and as part of the innovative commitment of both entities, the students of the Master’s in Sport Leadership of the CSL will be able to benefit from a five-week stay in Madrid. During their residency, postgraduate students will also interact with Real Madrid CF staff and attend the organization’s White Week, a week-long annual conference specializing in networking, entrepreneurship, teamwork. , integrity and leadership.

In the words of Emilio ButragueƱo, director of Institutional Relations of Real Madrid CF and general director of the Real Madrid University School-European University, “this agreement reinforces our international character and our firm commitment to offer students a high-quality education based on excellence and professionalization, hand in hand with pioneering institutions in their respective sectors such as Virginia Commonwealth University “.

Along the same lines, Carrie LeCrom, Ph.D., Executive Director of the VCU Center for Sport Leadership, affirms that: “It is an honor for us to establish this collaboration with the School, one of the most respected and innovative brands in sport. Global mindset is a core value of CSL and this partnership validates our commitment to empowering our students with the knowledge and experiences of sports leaders from around the world. “

The Real Madrid experience for the leaders of the future
Those who take this degree may participate in the White Week or White Week, an annual event aimed at students in which important figures of reference in the Sports industry participate. In addition, they will also be able to benefit from professional internships within the framework of Real Madrid Next, Real Madrid’s innovation brand to work directly with a set of start-ups and companies that share their vision: to transform the Industry through Innovation and Technology. Real Madrid Next focuses on six key areas: e-health, performance, fan engagement, audiovisual content generation, cybersecurity and technology, social and sustainability.

Likewise, the program allows visitors to visit the Club’s facilities and enter into direct and constant contact with professionals and managers of the same , as well as with highly renowned professionals in the fields of sport and new technologies, offering a unique opportunity for international networking. In addition, this program aims to enhance the entrepreneurial spirit of students, who will be advised by the best professionals for their own business adventure.

An international focus in two unique cities
Students in this joint program, taught 100% in English, will have the opportunity to study in two different countries in two unique cities: Richmond, located in the state of Virginia, and Madrid, where students will spend a period of five weeks studying three subjects and will be able to attend White Week.

The first edition of the program will start in May 2022 and will have a duration of 3 semesters for the Sport Leadership program, and a duration of 5 weeks for the specialization in Sports Technologies and Digital Transformation.


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