Elon Musk Does It Again, His Five New Predictions About The Future


With every statement from Elon Musk, the bread rises, or it plummets. In an interview during the Code Conference held in California, the founder of Tesla has ventured to make predictions about the future of some of the most relevant topics today: cryptocurrencies, psychotropic drugs, Starlink, the energy problem and robots . This is what he has said about each of them:

Cryptocurrencies: While the central banks of the world’s leading economies analyze the pros and cons of cryptocurrencies and try to put a stop to them, the founder of Tesla points out how wrong this approach is. According to him, it is not possible to control them, at most it could slow down their progress, which would not do anything else to end the possibility of “reducing errors and the latency of the current monetary system.”

Psychotropic drugs: the legalization and acceptance of these substances by society is near, says Musk. All this thanks to a generational change, which will leave behind the laws of another era and will bring with it another vision of psychotropic drugs that will open the doors of a new legal market.

Starlink: Elon Musk’s communication satellite network will offer internet to anyone with the necessary equipment and this will have a world-changing equalizing effect. Currently, the cost of the equipment is nearly $ 500, plus a monthly fee of $ 99.

Energy problem: although Musk sees it as a problem of the future, it is already a reality and it will get worse in the coming years. This is because the current energy system is obsolete and does not have the capacity to respond to the demand that is to come, derived from the energy transition.

Robots: the founder of Tesla foresees the arrival of robots that will be like human beings (bipeds) but infinitely more intelligent and interconnected. He maintains that if he has not built them until now, it has been so as not to collaborate in materializing a future like that of the Terminator movies . As he considers his arrival to be inevitable, he is already building his own humanoid but will try “his best” to avoid that future.


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