Cs Raises A Deduction In Personal Income Tax


Citizens have proposed in Congress the creation of a deduction in Personal Income Tax (IRPF) for any person who has hired another to take care of their home and has it registered in the Special System of Employees of Home of the General Social Security Scheme.

This is how the ‘orange’ formation raises it in a non-law proposal, to which Europa Press has had access , in which they defend this tax incentive to facilitate the regular hiring of “one of the most vulnerable unions in crisis situations . “

In this sense, from this training they defend that it is ” a measure that would help to dignify the profession and the essential and highly demanded tasks carried out by caregivers, domestic employees and inmates”.

Cs argues that there are autonomous communities that already apply deductions in this line, but that its proposal would have a state scope , without limiting it to particular economic or family conditions of the employer, since it is not intended to reward a family or personal situation, but to encourage regulated hiring .

And, as stated in their initiative, significantly limiting the number of taxpayers entitled to the deduction “would leave out a very important percentage of the number of employers with irregularly hired domestic service, which would massively and directly harm to the domestic employees to whom it is tried to protect “.


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