Camps Returns To An Act Of The PP To Support Casado


The Plaza de Toros de Valencia once again served the popular a crowd bath to stage the image of unity of the party in the tone of Pablo Casado as an alternative to the Government. “The Popular Party returns to fill the Plaza de Toros de Valencia,” said Casado himself at the entrance of the enclosure.

Around 9,000 people, with a strong presence of affiliates from Alicante, the stronghold of the new president of the Valencian PP Carlos Mazón, wrapped up the leader of the PP in what is intended to be a show of strength by the conservatives.

The influx of supporters even exceeded the capacity allowed by the limitations of Covid-19 and hundreds of people had to stay at the gates of the venue. Precisely that public outside the enclosure forced the popular president himself to address them to ensure that they will try to accommodate as many as possible.

Among those present stands out the former Valencian president Francisco Camps, who after a distance with his party, attends for the first time in the last decade an act of the national PP in Valencia. Camps had been plagued by cases of corruption linked to his Government and was even charged in a piece of the Gürtel.

Ayuso support
As expected, the entire PP has closed ranks around the party president after the differences over the regional party presidency in Madrid. Especially significant was the support of the Madrid president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who ruled out aspiring to the leadership of the national PP.


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