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Foment Demands Tax Cuts In The Budgets

One of lime and another of sand. Foment del Treball sees “positive” that the Government has raised ” expansive ” general state budgets for 2022 , but at the same time believes that they should have included a tax cut for companies and citizens.

The Catalan employers, totally opposed to any tax increase, is missing tax cuts in the public accounts project. In a statement, the president of Foment, Josep Sánchez Llibre , assures that businessmen would have liked the budgets to have incorporated a tax cut for companies and citizens, which would make it easier for them to be “more competitive” and face the recovery with more intensity.

“The Government should have allocated a part of the resources to improve competitive taxation and not only to increase spending, ” said the president of the employer’s association, who will collect the proposals of the associates to present the amendments to the Government’s proposal.

Sánchez Llibre has also regretted the introduction of the new self-employed contribution system “which may hinder their recovery” and which ” penalizes long-term savings ” by reducing the limit on pension funds to 1,500 euros in the case of individual pension funds, although it increases for collective or employment funds.

On the other hand, the employers consider it very positive that the 27,633 million euros from the ‘Next Generation’ funds are incorporated – although the Commission plans to transfer some 18,000 million – because these resources will facilitate the recovery of the economy, and asks the Government to facilitate the mechanisms so that these resources can be invested.



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