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The Generalitat Will Give 19,500 Euros To Companies That Hire Unemployed Young People For A Year

Companies hiring for one year a youth under 30 and unemployed receive a grant of 19,500 euros . A total of 5,500 unemployed young people will be able to access this type of subsidized contract, as explained this Friday by the ‘Minister’ of Business and Work, Roger Torrent ; from Reus.

The Generalitat thus details part of the shock plan against unemployment that was announced by the ‘president’ Pere Aragonès last July and that comes endowed with 917 million euros; between funds from the Catalan administration, the State and the EU.

This Friday Torrent has advanced the deployment of programs worth 216 million euros and that they will be specifically focused on the young public and with the objective of benefiting a total of 25,500 people, with the different types of programs, with a “historical” budget, coming “in large part” from the React-EU fund to cope the consequences of the covid 19 crisis.

Aragonès announces a 917 million euro shock plan against unemployment
The main measure of those announced by Torrent are direct aid to companies that hire unemployed young people, either through an internship contract or otherwise. For the first time, the Generalitat directly subsidizes hiring on a massive scale and with the aim of benefiting 5,500 young people.

These must be registered in the Servei d’Ocupació de Catalunya (SOC) as job seekers and in the next few days this body will open the procedures for companies to request these subsidies of 19,500 euros. Practically half of the 216 million euros announced this Friday will go to these grants.

The other half of those 216 million will go to vocational training programs for employment, with different programs for young people without previous qualifications (‘Noves Oportunitats’), in a situation of social vulnerability (‘Projecte Singulars’) or for jobs with high expectations contracting (‘Forma i Insereix’); among others.

According to the calculations of the Generalitat, the different initiatives presented will reach some 25,000 young people. According to the latest data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE), in Catalonia there are a total of 107,500 young people between the ages of 16 and 25 who are unemployed.

Torrent explained that it is a “record investment”, which comes, to a large extent, from REACT-EU funds and that it will serve to promote aid programs for companies and the self-employed to hire unemployed persons under 30 years of age. a series of training programs.

In this sense, he explained that the objective of training and occupational programs is “to reduce youth unemployment”, and, in turn, “to push the path of transformation of the productive system of our country.”

The Secretary of the Department of Business and Labor, Enric Vinaixa, has detailed that the aid will be structured in five axes: promotion of recruitment, professional training for employment, self-employment, continuing training and new opportunities for young people without qualifications.

The main novelty is that the SOC will allocate 125 million euros in aid to autonomous companies and cooperatives for the hiring of young people under 30 years of age for a year.



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