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You Can Finally Upload Photos To Instagram From Your Computer

Instagram has introduced several new additions to its mobile and desktop applications, including its alternative to TikTok, Reels.

But without a doubt, the most striking novelty is that we can finally upload photos to Instagram using a computer, from the desktop interface. This is something more important than it seems, because it represents a change in what Instagram stands for.

Since its birth, Instagram was designed to be used from a smartphone, to take advantage of the cameras that, already at that time, were capable of creating spectacular photos of our daily lives (although most of them used it to share what they were eating).

But, as its own leader recognized, Instagram is no longer a photo-sharing app , it is something else; In addition to focusing on short videos with Reels, Instagram wants to expand more like a normal social network. And that means allowing use from other devices such as the computer, where we continue to spend a lot of time.

Just by entering the Instagram website and logging in with our account, we can start sharing photos by clicking on the button with the “+” sign in the upper right corner. We can click on the “Select from computer” button to open the file explorer, or drag them directly to the browser window.

Along with this novelty, Instagram has launched Collabs, a new function that allows users to be the co-authors of publications and Reels; in other words, the names of all participants will appear instead of a single person, useful for creators working in teams. The reels have also improved, with special effects and song lyrics with Superbeat and Dynamic Lyrics in our song videos. We also have more options to raise funds to NGOs that we choose, starting collections directly from the create button.



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