The Best Sites And Tools To Find A Job This Christmas


The Christmas campaign has already started with Black Friday just over a month away. For this reason, many companies have already started their selection processes , an opportunity that can be interesting for many people who are looking for a temporary job or a way to enter a new company.

If you are looking for a job on these dates, it depends on the type of job you are looking for, but there are ways to get the latest job offers online and by email , as well as options to find companies that are hiring now. Here we collect several tips to be alert:

Prepare your CV before anything else
Before you start looking for a job for Black Friday and Christmas, it is important to be prepared to do so. Updating the resume, preparing a cover letter, updating the profile on Lindkedin … These are things that we must have prepared before everything.

The faster we apply, the faster we will be considered for the position.

Know the sectors and companies that hire
Those interested in finding a temporary job these days can attend to the large sectors where recruitment moves the most, and also to specific companies: some such as El Corte Inglés, Amazon, Mediamarkt or Ikea have already started their processes and here we tell you more about them.

Logistics and Warehouse and Commercial and Sales are two categories with the greatest weight at this time of year, as shown by the latest monthly indicator data from the platform, with more than 85,000 jobs, according to Infojobs.

Check out the classic job portals and agencies
Many of the major employment websites compile specific lists of companies that are hiring now to fill immediate openings.

Infojobs, Indeed, Glassdor, Infoempleo or Monters have sections where selection processes stand out.

Put alerts on Google and Linkedin
Linkedin, the professional social network, has an alert service so that job offers by location and keywords can be sent directly to you by email. In addition, you can place in your profile that they are actively looking for a job if this is your case.

Another way to find work quickly is to use job search engines that list jobs from multiple sources. In Google, you can activate alarms to receive job offers . If we write “employment” in the search engine, you will get a prominent area in which to save and contact directly with the companies that offer employment.

Check offers that are always hiring
If you know which companies you are interested in working for, you can go straight to the source to find and submit your CV directly on many companies’ websites.

Also, many large companies are always hiring. Some such as Mercadona, Decathlon or Mediamarkt that continually seek staff for their stores.


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