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Drivers With Unclear Car Windscreen Face £1k Fine

Weather is a non-constant thing; when it changes, the thing that becomes affected more is the car’s windscreen. Windscreens are highly susceptible to fog and mist.

If so, then the drivers should consider the cleanliness of windscreens as their top responsibility. In case of less visibility, it can lead to many issues and mistakes, turning into serious incidents.

If you do not clean your windscreen, rear and side windows during car driving, you will have to pay a heavy fine estimated as £1,000. There is a possibility that your driving license can be canceled. 

According to the statement of Claire Rogan, “It is the lawful and valid responsibility of drivers to make sure that their car or any other vehicle must be clear. In winter or misty weather, it is not easy to clean them after short distances.

But drivers should consider that neglecting the cleanliness factor can cause unimaginable damage.”

According to Regulation 30, the glasses of rear or side windows should be fitted perfectly to maintain the misty situation. It should not blur the visibility of the vehicle’s driver at the time of driving.

Moreover, the Highway Code Section 6 states, “The windows and windscreen of vehicles should completely clear and does not create any obstruction in visibility.”

Four risks are presented by the Dealer Peter Vardy. All the motorists should know these risks that can obstruct the road view.


To avoid snow on the windshield, the best option is to cover the vehicle under a trap sheet. If you do not consider it as a good solution, then scrape the snow from the glass.

The thing that one should keep in mind is not to use hot water to remove snow. Using hot water will lead to the shattering of window glass because of the sudden temperature difference.

Autumn Leaves

In winter, you may notice that it becomes full of fallen leaves when you park your car below the tree. Before sitting in the car for driving, make sure to remove all the leaves and litter from the car roof, windshield, and rear windows. It will prevent you from obstructed vision while driving. If any incident occurs because of a dirty windscreen, then you will indeed have to pay for it.

Steamy Windows

The car’s window turns fog when warm air touches the cold glass surface, which further converts into liquid. It is quite easy to clean these windows with a dry cloth or wipe it with sleeves. It will make your journey safe.

It is just an instant cleaning option but not completely good. For longer prevention of fog, you can take into account the use of windscreen clearing settings.


One of the biggest things that cause morning delays in winter is the ice. If you are not able to de-ice your windscreen, then it is considered illegal. So, it is advised to drivers to scrape the ice from glass properly by using a good scrapper.

The best solution is using normal-temperature water or rubbing alcohol to slush the ice. It quickly helps you to remove all the ice from your car’s glass.



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