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Man Demonstrates His Nightmare Stay While In UK Quarantine

In the UK state, men had to be quarantined as per policy. The man, namely Rhodri Dafydd, is 25 years old and is coming back from Mexico. He has to stay in Turkey for some time, a red list country in the UK regarding travel. During his 10 day stay, he experiences a nightmare.

After the flight alteration, he has to move to Midlands hotel for 10 days as quarantine. Dafydd said: “I had to change my flight when they told me that I could not move toward London. 

As the plan did not work, I could not get any place to quarantine myself. In this case, I had to pay charges for the next flight, which is approximately £200.”

As a result, it was a long hiatus at Istanbul airport. At this place, he had to stay on the floor within the camp. Further, he said that he was wholly vaccinated against COVID, but besides this, he had been forced to stay for quarantine in Ramada in Solihull by Wyndham.

Rhodri Dafydd shares in his autobiography what happened and what it feels like in the quarantine restaurant of the UK. Furthermore, he also posts some snaps of food which he gets as a meal.

Fresh Air For 20 – 25 Minutes

Dafydd stated that “I can understand the requirement of quarantine and to stop the further viral spread. Not only this I also aware that I am carrying the risk while I am going to the next place”.

“The service which I get in this camp quarantine is not good and intolerable. The food is impermissible, and I can’t sleep quietly because of the security guard’s noises and precautionary sounds. 

Besides, we are treated as a prisoner because the quarantine personals are only permitted to be free in fresh air for 20 minutes, not more.”

Dusty Room

Further, Dafydd said that just after the stay, his allergy issue suddenly flares up. He was sure that it occurred because of the dusty room. He said, “I was infuriated because I am unable to explain my allergy because it was useless. I know, no one from reception or hotel staff can help me.”

“The initial days of quarantine in Ramada restaurant were not less than a nightmare. Because of dust, I was sneezing and my nose become runny unconsciously.”

“After some time, I decided to take help from the reception, but as per expectation they are prohibited by policy. Then I found a paramedic at the site of restaurant, I got my allergy tablet which straightly cure my runny nose and sneezing.”

When Rhodri Dafydd reached, his PCR test for COVID was negative. After this, he continued to feel healthy and fit, but according to the rules and regulations of UK policy, the negative PCR could not make your quarantine short.

Patrolling Guards

Another nightmare is the patrolling guards who make loud noises at night. They make off and on rounds to ensure that no one is trying to escape from quarantine. It was useless to tell them every night to be quiet.

Quarantine Food

The meal which we got from hotel service was not enough. Even we have to order some snacks to tackle our appetite. Further, the timetable for breakfast, lunch, and dinner was never followed. 



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