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Statins Found To Lessen The Risk Of Coronavirus Deaths, A Recent Research Revealed

Recent research has revealed that people who are consuming statins may have fewer chances to contract Covid-19 as compared to those who are not taking it.

Additionally, Statins are prescribed for lowering blood cholesterol levels.  The latest study focuses on the relationship between Covid mortality and statins.

It revealed that statin treatment was linked with decreasing the risk of dying from Covid-19, an association that did not diversify majorly among risk groups.

In addition, by utilizing data from Swedish registers, the researchers from Karolinska Institute followed 963,876 people of Stockholm that are older than 45 years from March to November 2020.

The results are formulated after analyzing the data, medications recommended by participants, the Cause of Death Register, and healthcare suggestions.

The data were analyzed with respect to such elements as diagnosed medical conditions.

Findings That Are In Support of The Use of Statins For Cardiovascular Conditions

A doctoral pupil at the Department of Global Public Health Co-first author Viktor Ahlqvist, Karolinska Institutet,  told: “All in all, our findings support the continued use of statins for conditions such as cardiovascular disease and raised levels of blood lipids in line with current directions during the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Tim Chico, an honorary consultant cardiologist, and professor of cardiovascular medicine and the University of Sheffield said: “Covid-19 can cause extremely serious lung infections, and it also becomes the reason for inflammation of the blood vessels.

“Because statins alleviate inflammation in blood vessels, there has been too much debate about whether they might improve the spread of Covid-19.

“This study does not only give evidence whether statins reduce chances of death in Covid-19, but also gives a few supportive clues.

“It has been seen that people directed statins were less likely to die from Covid-19 than other people.

“However, this does not prove the statins caused the diminished death rates; to do so requires a randomized controlled trial of the kind the Recovery investigators have pioneered.”

Signs of Coronavirus You Need To Be Vigilant About

The Coronavirus specialists are warning people to remain vigilant of common 21 Covid symptoms – even if you have done with vaccination. Furthermore, if you are full-jabbed vaccinated, you need to be careful about 21 signs of coronavirus.

Another research that depicts the rate of new cases is currently surging in all of the four nations, and it shows the sudden fall in Covid-19 cases that had been underway from mid-July has now terminated.

King’s College London’s professor named Professor Tim Spector, is the Principal Investigator of the ZOE Covid Symptom Study app and the PREDICT studies. He has warned Brits that they must be aware of additional symptoms that are not mentioned by the NHS so far.

The NHS described three common symptoms of the lethal bug that became the reason for the global health crisis. The symptoms are consistent, newly developed cough, high temperature or a fever, and an abrupt loss of taste, smell, or taste.



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