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Nation’s Mental Health and Relationships Are Being Impacted By Working From Home

Due to the worldwide prevalence of the Corona Virus, the UK government encourages home-based jobs for most people. A study showed that somewhere between 80% of British people think that working from home is putting their mental health at risk.

The main drawback of working from home is that people can’t take a break from workstations. 36% of employees are very unhappy for not working physically with colleagues and said they feel like they can’t pass a few moments away from the computer. This condition can ruin their mental well-being and increase the level of depression and anxiety.

25% of employees think that they are not habitual to working from home; therefore, they feel lonely. Although video calls are the only option left to interact with physically isolated colleagues, there is still another problem. Many colleagues are very insecure about their looks and think they look very odd on video calls.

In order to ensure good mental health and to draw a border-line between work and home life, the following five tips can be proved life-saver for you to cope with a difficult situation, as suggested by Gosia.

Draw A Border-Line Between Your Working Day and Home Routine       

At the end of the working day, try to add positive things to your life. Like you can shut down your laptop, power off your work phone and leave the working room. But, if you are not allowed to do so, still you should try to give a particular time to yourself instead of doing work continuously. You must know that providing a space to your mind from all the activities can boost your mood and prepare you for the coming working day.

Start Communicating More

If you can’t get away from the laptop due to some problems, find other approaches. For example, you can communicate with your colleagues by telling them about your lunch break, walking schedule and children activities. That’s the best approach to get interacted with co-workers and also to take an energetic break.

Communicate With Your Co-Workers But Don’t Forget About The Phone

Humans are usually social and want to interact with each other; that’s why using technology after finishing your work can help you in this regard. But, keep one thing in mind that too much “camera exposure” can eventually drain your mind. It is a human psyche that listening to someone’s voice feels so good that it can release all the pressure from the mind. So, you can communicate with your colleagues on a phone call if you are camera shy and does not like video calling.

Explore More Approaches To Relax

There are some times in your life when you need an injection of energy. What’s more appealing than meditation and mindfulness to relax your mind? So, yes, go for it. Exercise is another option to minimize stress and tension. As you know, exercise demands much space, so you can get away from the laptop to give yourself some moments of mindfulness and improve physical and mental well-being.

Don’t Skip A Good Night’s Sleep

The most effective and much-needed thing is to take proper sleep. If you don’t fulfill your required sleep, you can feel stress, muscle tension. So, following a proper bedtime schedule can help you to wake up with more energy. If you cannot get good sleep due to inevitable reasons, you do not need to worry and consider going for some therapy. Nuffield Health has come up with many behavioural therapies to boost the body’s sleep-wake cycle and prepare your mind for coming tasks.



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