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The Facts About Speed Cameras and Speeding Tickets

Speeding is dangerous for life. It can put not only your but also the life of other people in trouble during fast speed. Hundreds of people lose their lives in accidents each year. Mostly it occurs during the days of summer vacations.

It is confusing about the speed of what is true and what is wrong.

Speed Cameras Are Switched Off: True.

Brake spokesman said that some of the speed cameras in the UK are not functioning according to the received information. They are not able to capture the vehicles.

Brake supports the usage of speed cameras, and non-functional cameras should be replaced. Speeding cameras are more beneficial than mobile cameras. Police officers use mobile cameras, and they are not able to capture all the vehicles. Speed cameras capture more fast cars than mobile cameras. Speed cameras play a significant role in controlling the speed of traffic. This reduces the number of accidents and saves precious lives of people.

The Cameras Will Not Register Your Car If You Drive Fast: Definitely False.

It is totally against common sense. There is no way to escape from the camera in any case. They are fixed at a position and can detect every overspeeding vehicle immediately. You will not capture when you are driving at a normal speed according to that place’s provided guidelines and limits.

Yellow Paint Of Speed Cameras Must Show That They Are Legal: False.

The government is working on the yellow painting of speed cameras. The yellow colour shows that the speed camera is legal. The grey coloured cameras are also used with the same worth. The government is not changing the paint of previously settled grey coloured speed cameras.

The Average Speed Cameras Do Not Work Well By Ignoring Some People: False.

The average cameras are very useful because they can check the behaviour of drivers. The drivers slow down the speed of the car when they come near the speed camera. The average speed cameras can work at long ranges and capture the vehicles away from them. One cannot escape by slowing in front of the camera and then speeding up the car when moving away from the speed camera. It can detect him from long range and generate speeding tickets accordingly.

You Must Receive The Notification Within The Given Limits of Time To Be Valid: True.

Whenever you are driving over speed, the speed camera will capture you. If the speed camera captures you, the speeding ticket is generated at that time. The officials send you the notification about overspeeding within 14 days. This is notified according to the Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP). Moreover, it will be sent to the registered owner of the car by the officials of the traffic police.

Can You Request A Speed Awareness Course: False?

Police will notify the driver’s eligibility when the speed camera captures you on the motorway, and then you request the speed awareness course. It is not possible at that time. It is the responsibility of drivers to learn the speed awareness course earlier.

You Can Avail of Speed Awareness Courses Many Times: Sometimes: True.

If the speed camera captures you for another time, you can take the class again. If one does not learn the first time properly, there are chances to give a second chance to the driver.

This will prove beneficial and bring good results. But this will depend on the severity of the offence and provided guidelines by the officials and time limits.

You Haven’t Declared It On Your Insurance Policy When You Get A Speed Awareness Course: False.

Brake said that the drivers who cannot prove that they have taken the speed awareness course and refer it towards the insurance policy. This shows that their insurance policy must be not valid. Local police held a speed awareness course. It will train all the drivers about rules and regulations of driving. They will learn about all the guidelines of traffic police and motorways.

You Can Even Get Caught Speeding On A Bicycle Or Horse: False.

According to the brake representative, speed cameras cannot capture the cyclist or horse rider’s speed. There are no guidelines about the speed detection of cyclists and horse riders. It only detects the speed of motorized vehicles. The speed cameras work by the use of microwaves, and speeding tickets are generated accordingly.



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