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Budget response on new brownfield redevelopment fund for Cheshire & the North West

Cheshire’s base architects has welcomed the Government’s announcement of a new brownfield redevelopment fund, particularly given its focus on levelling up in the areas of the country that will benefit most from this cash injection. This fund will create new housing in brownfield areas, where previous development has already taken place. 

Senior Associate Joe Salt said: “Coupled with this summer’s relaxation of permitted development rules, this will cut red tape for developers to bring much-needed new housing into areas that are often neglected and seen as being in decline. This will, in turn, breathe fresh life into the communities around these areas and also provide new transport links and community green spaces. 

“We are really excited about the opportunities this will bring to Cheshire and the north west in rejuvenating sites and buildings that have fallen out of use. It shows the importance, now more than ever, of landowners proactively promoting their sites and ensuring that they are included on their local authority’s brownfield register as stipulated in paragraph 69 of the NPPF*.

“Many of our clients are landowners looking to promote their sites or property developers who engage us to advance schemes from concept to completion so this is positive news for them.”



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