Cheshire & the UK’s Riskiest Roads


The Cheshire roads are worth mentioning when it comes to the country’s riskiest and most used roads. The county has some of the most noteworthy dangerous roads, which can be called accidental spots. Among them, the five roads are notorious and responsible for almost 250 motor vehicle accidents in 2019.

The dangerous A537 Cat and Fiddle road connect Macclesfield with Buxton in the Derbyshire Peak District, which is unsafe for its annoying bends, zigzag turns, and scary sharp gradient.

During the cold season, the unusual 7.5 mile stretch of road risks the lives of motorists, particularly during snowfall and frosty circumstances. During these conditions, the concerned traffic police department closes these dangerous roads for people’s safety to avoid mishaps.

Out of all risky roads, the A537 is declared dangerous by the experienced motoring body LeaseCar.Uk. They declare this road unsafe while exploring the worst UK roads that cause the most harm to drivers, DerbyshireLive reports.

Across the border in North Wales, the leading three roads were the coastal road A548 with 40 accidents, the A55 Expressway with 40 road collisions, and the A5 with 39 mishaps. Overall, the top 10 terrible roads come across with 28 immediate accidents.

The A35 in Dorset is declared the most dangerous road by FOI data, which reported 594 incidents in 2019.

“Looking straight ahead, whenever we get rid of this lockdown, many motorists will have gone a lot of days without driving on congested streets or A-roads. They should try to compose themselves back into a ‘motorists mentality’ before going for epic journeys once things in the UK get better.

“Even if you consider yourself an experienced driver, you cannot answer for other motorists, and it is essential to stay focused and not let yourself slip into autopilot.”

LeaseCar.Uk once described the Cat and Fiddle as the riskiest roads in the United Kingdom. They justify their statement as: “A typical dry-stone wall bounds this 7.5-mile road that links Macclesfield with Buxton.

“No matter the route is famous among travelers, visitors, and lorry drivers; the road is still very steep alongside the road with even more dangerous bends throughout the way. We admire its beauty and charm, but still, the drivers should keep a close watch on the condition of the road to save them from any mishap.”

“You might think that once you drive for a long time on the road and handle all the risks it offers you successfully, you can now drive without any worries. This should not be the case.”

“You must have to understand that some roads are considerably riskier than many others.”

“The only way to stay secure at such dangerous roads is to make sure that you take enough time with your journey and carefully observe the road and traffic condition while driving”

It was reported that 44 tragic or terrible accidents took place between 2007 and 2011 on one of the most notorious roads named the Cat and Fiddle Road. Many bikers are seen on this road for whom this road is no less than a risk.

Most of the people who died or were critically wounded during the mishap are those on motorcycles. The police fixed Mobile speed monitoring traffic cameras to the road, checked by unmarked police vehicles.

Here is the list of some other roads:

Lindisfarne Causeway (Northumberland), Porlock Hill (Somerset), Ffordd Pen Llech (North Wales), Skyfall Road (Scottish Highlands), and Bealach-na-ba (Scottish Highlands).


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