First-Time Buyers Searching For Novel Ways Onto The Property Ladder


First-time buyers who were worried about abrupt price rises in the last year have been compelled to rent for more extended and search for alternative ways onto the property ladder.

According to recent research conducted by First Mortgage, nearly 80 % of first-time buyers have been compelled to look for the latest ways onto the property ladder, owing to the spiking prices in the market.

Furthermore, two-thirds of the potential buyers are trying to find ways to pay a trivial deposit, mainly through schemes such as the assistance to purchase mortgages or the mortgage guarantee scheme. A third (34%) are searching for shared ownership, and the other quarter has given up on the expectations of purchasing solo and now wants to go for partnership with family or friends.

David McGrail, of leading mortgage broker First Mortgage, describes that a few options might be worth looking into, mainly as the surge in prices depicts no signs of stopping.

“Of course, multiple first-time buyers have thought of the moment where they will entering to their new home, and several might see it as being out of their reach. However, there are some options to go for.

Our research is evident that a third are interested in shared ownership, where you purchase a share in the property and on remainder you have to pay the rent.

Additionally, Shared ownership can be an excellent option to kick start for first-time buyers; most of the time, the deposit is much lesser and can permit buyers to get a finer home than they can afford.

Although, if a buyer can stretch the deposit to buy a home outright, this is most economical in the long term. Other ways such as assistance to buy mortgage could also be an excellent choice for first-time buyers.”

The group of 1,000 aspiring first-time buyers found that 8 in 10 tell that the increasing cost of purchasing a property has alleviated their desire of buying the soon. Particularly those residing in the North-East (93%) and the Capital (93%) and the most likely to have ended their house hunting due to elevation in costs.

Moreover, for many people, the spike in cost makes the deposit even challenging to achieve and could even result in a significant interest rate and risk negative equity.

David said: “The average price of a property has increased 7.4 per cent over the last twelve months, and in some areas of the country, the growth’s rate is even soaring. This has left buyers in an exceptionally challenging predicament facing elevated interest rates due to borrowing more money over an extended time and greater uncertainty of negative equity because the share of the house is lesser.

“The average deposit has increased in current times.  It means that a large group of people are left funding even more money than planned for a deposit of the same or lesser percentage.  Hence, it is even more significant to mention that buyers are selecting frivolously, are not rushing and are taking advice from a veteran professional.”


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