Homebuyers Take 25 Seconds To Decide Whether A House Is Right For Them


It is a marvellous ability to take the quick and right decisions to buy a home. According to the latest research, British homebuyers take an average of 25 seconds to do this. They quickly judge whether this house is right for them or not.

It is also included in this research that they are good at house hunting. Brits made their minds in seconds when it came to house-hunting. Anybody can estimate their ability to judge a house in less than ten seconds.

The research also reveals a finding to give rise to a unique new initiative from the estate agent. Who pursues the world’s first 25 second tours of new homes on TikTok?

When it comes to knowing about the unique characteristics, the location is the main and the primordial factor in the decision-making process. However, the other one is the online listing, which could quickly put them off a property.

After the pandemic situation, priorities are changed in the market. Now a significant number of homebuyers want a small garden to be on the top.

The research of Brits performed by purple bricks revealed that there must be following necessary things while buying a home. There must be a kitchen (78%), lounge (60%), and bedrooms (55%). About 70% surveyed said the property must have the potential for renovations or improvements.

About one-third said that their property must be good enough. They feel happy when they get a chance to show off their property on TikTok or Instagram.

The research suggests that snappy ‘gut’ decisions continue when it comes to viewing a property in person – over a quarter of those surveyed (26%) said that they would make a judgment on a property within seconds of entering the home. One in twenty (6%) admitted that they make their mind up as soon as they arrive outside the front door.

There is another side of the picture, too, that the Brits spend on average 3.7 minutes to decide what they have to watch on TV. They spent about 8 minutes just deciding that where they had to go for dinner. In the same way, they take 96 seconds to make their minds whether someone is attractive or not.

Psychotherapist Lucy Beresford, who analysed the research, attempted a little more insight into why the home buyers need less time to take a quick decision about the property. The property is good or bad is decided on many factors.

According to Purplebricks research, feelings have a key role in the initial stages of selecting a property that is right for you. Some people who are strong in making decisions don’t face this problem.

In response to the research, the estate agent Purplebricks will launch a new high-speed home sales brochure with short-form content on different social media platforms. The platform provides a virtual tour of properties. It also highlights the unique feature of that property.


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