Cheshire Passes Up A Major Public Transport Fund As They Support Nearby Countries


Cheshire has missed out on a percentage of £6.9 billion of state transportation funding.

Further, Rishi Sunak provides billions of pounds for transport to give metro mayors the power and responsibility to make key links better, but Cheshire has been neglecting it.

About £7 billion will be provided for multiple projects like Greater Manchester and the Liverpool City Region, introducing London-style improvements in fares, infrastructure, and services in addition to the tram improvements.

Getting such a big investment can be regarded as a victory for the mayor of Greater Manchester named Andy Burnham. He has been greatly lobbying the Government to provide cash for his area to introduce a London-style transport system.

During the Tory Party conference held in Manchester, Burnham had called for £1 billion and exerted pressure on ministers at the beginning of this month.

He had said that giving the funds for him to begin his London-style Bee Network would make political sense for the Authorities because Boris Johnson could blame him if he failed and will take the credit if it comes out as a success.

 Furthermore, the Treasury has confirmed that Greater Manchester will be given £1.07 billion in the following week’s Budget and spending review.

The declaration is being promoted as a vote of confidence in the devolution program as all those awarded cash are states with metro mayors.

Mr Burnham uttered the funding was a “significant first step” that “depicts the Government is listening to the matter that Greater Manchester is creating” but also told that ongoing revenue funding would also be required.

He further added, “As welcome as it is, infrastructure investment solely will not make leveling up feel genuine to the citizens of Greater Manchester.”

“That will only transpire when the number and coverage of bus services are extended, and fares are descended to London levels.

“So we are now expecting that the Government will promptly build on this foundation and balance this allocation with revenue funding to make our Bee Network vision a truth.”

 Additionally, there will be £830 million funded to West Yorkshire, £1.05 billion in the West Midlands, £570 million in South Yorkshire, £540 million in the West of England, £310 million in Tees Valley, and £710 million for the Liverpool City Region.

Mr Sunak said: “Great cities require great transport, and that is why we’re investing billions in improving connections in our city areas as we level up opportunities throughout the country.

“There is no purpose why someone operating in the North and Midlands should have to wait many times longer for their train or train bus to come in the morning related to a commuter in the capital.

“This transport renovation will  assist redress that imbalance as we modernize our local transport networks, so they are fit for our great cities and those people who live and work in them.”

Andy Burnham had been requesting more funding and power for the transport system in Greater Manchester. Moreover, on Thursday, he tweeted a photo of a train ticket from Manchester to Newton-Le-Willows, Merseyside. He said it was a one-stop which cost £8.00 and this journey almost took twenty minutes.

 His tweet says: “To be leveled up, we require London-level fares. Accept nothing less.”

 But there are some contradictions with Labour MP for Bermondsey and Old Southwark Neil Coyle, who said in a reply on Twitter: “It is *more expensive* to have a season ticket from Croydon to central London and after that from Chorley to central Manchester.

“These poor digs at London are wrong and need to terminate, not least for anyone involved in Labour doing great or anyone interested in facts.”

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said: “We’re determined to build back boosting regional economies across the whole country, and these investments are a concrete example of how we’re performing that.

“Modernising of transport infrastructure sits at the main part of our levelling up schedule.

“This funding will work as a catalyst for the redevelopment of towns and cities by making their infrastructure better and ensuring more people have got their hands to jobs and education.”


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