How To Keep Distance From Unwanted Taxes While Working From Home


One should consider the additional initial taxes imputations when the property owners decide to work from their home and plan to sell. Particularly include those who plan to initiate work from their home. Many people are considering it as they are waking up from the COVID lockdown.

That’s why it is very important for those who want to do work from home to ensure that they are not increasing bills. But here, the main question is what the meaning of the capital gains tax bill is and what is the way to ignore it? All details about this are given below.

Capital Gains Tax

Tax is applied only to your profit when you dispose of or sell any of your assets and gain profit. However, the tax applied only on your profit is called the CGT (capital gains tax). Remember that this tax will be applied only on your profit, not on your amount after selling the product.

Let’s understand this with the help of an example. You bought a bicycle for £6000 and after that sold it for £20000. It means you have gained a profit of £14000 and the tax will be applied on these £14000 not on £6000 that was the actual price.

On Which Things You Have To Pay CGT

The first thing is if you have a large house or are using your house for your business, then in both these conditions, you have to pay capital gain tax. Other than this, if you only use a single room for work. In this situation, the CGT will be applied only on the profit of the house sale amount.

CGT will be applied if you sell these things:

  • Your assets are worth £6000, and in this, your car is not included.
  • If you have a property that is not included in your main home.
  • If you have shares that are not included in a PEP or ISA.
  • All types of business assets.

Things On Which You Don’t Have To Pay Tax

If your total gain is above the annual tax-free allowance, then the bill will be applied. The annual tax-free allowance is £12300, and for the trusts, it is £6150.

This means the total profit you can earn per year is £12300.

Other things on which you don’t have to pay tax are:

  • If you gave any gift to your wife, husband, charity or a work partner.
  • Some assets that include the PEPs or ISAs, other than this, gifts from the UK government or if you won any bond and lottery.
  • After the death of any person, all the taxes will be paid by the deceased person’s property.

What Is The Amount Of Tax That You Have To Pay

The capital gain tax is dependent on the profit that you have earned from your asset. The tax amount is different if you are a high amount or normal amount taxpayer. It also depends on the amount of the tax-free allowance per year.

Suppose you are a normal rate taxpayer, then you have to pay 10% on your assets and the property; it is 18%. And if you are a high rate taxpayer, for this, you have to pay 20% on your assets, and for the property, it is 28%.

How To Avoid The CGT? If you are working from home and you have fixed a room for work from home. In this condition, you have to pay CGT tax. But you can avoid this tax. If you are using a spare room of an office that the office employers do not use, you can avoid the CGT.


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