How To Earn £50,000 Per Year During The Time of Logjam In UK


If you consider a lorry driver job as suitable for you, it is good to know that you can earn a great amount of money and it is approximately £50,000 yearly.

According to the current report, about 80,000 drivers are considering leaving the haulage sector because of the Corona breakthrough. They are following Brexit.

There is a logjam because of a pandemic on the testing series for HGV drivers. On the other hand, the government of the United Kingdom has launched a policy to boost the license granting process.

The industry will encourage you warmly if you decide to persuade. Here you will know some important things to become a lorry driver.

In The Beginning

To be a lorry driver, the first thing which you should have is a car license. It’s not enough; some essential things also include a provisional LGV license. Besides this, LGV – Large Goods Vehicles mostly refer to having HGV – Heavy Goods Vehicle license. This particular certificate permits you to drive a lorry up to 3500kg.

Along with this application, you should also have a medical form filled by the optician or GP.

What’s Next?

To get a lorry driver license in the UK, it is compulsory to achieve the qualification known as CPC – Driver Certificate of Professional Competence. For CPC, there are four mandatory tests that you have to pass.

Driver CPC Test

The Driver CPC test consists of:

Theory Part

The initial step is a theory-based test; it will be scheduled as early as you get the provisional license. This test consists of a couple of parts which include hazard perception and multiple choices. You need to clear both of these on the given day. The MCQs portion will be off in two hours, and the passing marks lie at 85%.

The second part – hazard perception part, you have to watch 19 video series to detect the hazard. Its passing marks lie at 67%.

Case Studies

Before passing the theory test, one has to give this test. It includes seven case studies. You have to select the best option on the computer screen, and it will end after 75 minutes. The passing mark to clear this test is 80%.

Driving Ability

After completing the theory test, clear the driving ability test. These 90-minute tests consist of practical. It includes off-road exercise, vehicle safety questions and road driving.

Practical Demonstration

In the final session, you have to load the vehicle by maintaining the safety rules. It is to know how you securely load the vehicle. It also includes coping up with emergencies and walking around vehicle safety. You have to score 75% out of 100 to pass the entire test.

Cost For Driving CPC

  • Theory part 1 cost £26.
  • Hazard perception part cost £11
  • Case study part 2 cost £23
  • Driving Ability cost £115
  • Practical Demonstration part cost £55

Staying Qualified

It is mandatory after every five years for the lorry driver to meet the 35 hours of their training to maintain their qualification for driver CPC.

When Is The Test Rescheduled?

In recent times, there was a logjam in the way of lorry driver test processing. But now, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency are doing their best to track the test processes again in the UK.

Regarding this, the UK government has demanded 1500 drivers. Furthermore, consultation has recently launched the test process schedule and makes sure that now people just have to pass one test for the driving lorry.


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