List of Six Things That Will Cost High After The Mid Of 2021


In a few days, various price elevations will affect most of us, and it will indeed affect our budgets.

From the 1st of April, which is also named National Price Hike Day, items such as mobile dental and energy and council tax bills will all be heightened.

Here we will shed light on six things that will cost you more. Let’s take a start.

Council Tax

This is the yearly charge on households by local councils and is utilized to pay for education, libraries, roads, and collect your bins. The community provides all these services to the citizens.

In addition, there is another bill named the precept that you have to pay for the services such as police and fire.

You might have to pay a small additional cost for your parish council or local town.

TV Licence Fee

The annual price of a TV license will jump to £154.50 after an increase of £4.

It depicts that the licence will now cost £2.97 weekly or it can be £12.87 monthly.

Furthermore, a yearly black and white licence price will elevate from £50.50 to £52.

The BBC stated the money covers the nine TV channels’ cost, including regional programming, 40 local radio stations, ten national radio stations, the BBC website BBC iPlayer and BBC sounds.

Energy Bills

Gas and Electricity bills are also expected to enhance by 10 per cent.

This is due to the price cap, proposed on standard tariffs, terminating on the 31st March.

Most big six players have enhanced the charges of standard variables. But it will be a better idea to consult with your provider in the first place.

Water Bills

The amount charged by companies for supplying you with water and waste services depends on whether you possess a water meter or not.

In case of having a meter, you pay for the water’s amount you have utilized.

On the flip side, if you don’t possess a meter, it is calculated with the help of your home’s rateable value.

The average water bill in the North West for 2019/20 is £441.31, an increase of 2.1 per cent related to the previous year.

On average, the enhancement works out at lesser than 2.5p for every day.

Dental Work

NHS dental services charges in England are expected to rise by 5%.

The price you will have to pay is evaluated by the date of the procedure or check-up.

On the other hand, band one charges, which includes advice, check-ups, and emergency dental care, are spiked by £1.10 to a new price of £22.70.

Band two charges – which constituents fillings, root canals, and removing teeth, will surge by £3 to £62.10.

Band three charges, which contain more intricate procedures, for instance, crowns and dentures, will enhance by £12.80 to £269.30.

Mobile Phone Bills

The main networks that include Three, Virgin Mobile EE, and O2 have proclaimed price elevation. EE will hit a 2.7% price rise on monthly contracts. Additionally, O2 and Three will elevate prices by 2.5%.


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