Women’s Football Team Win ‘Moral’ Warfare In A Brutal War With Macclesfield FC


The chairperson of a women’s grassroots football team in Macclesfield said they got the victory in the ‘moral’ warfare in their feud over their badge with Macclesfield FC.

The Macc Town Ladies FC have been given a specific time until the next season to remake their logo after the newly originated football team admitted that it was ‘not cool’ of them to order any club to do so.”

Macclesfield FC had initially asked the women’s football team to modify their logo till January 2022 after talks of a collaboration among the two clubs had been knocked down.

Posting a very long note on social media, Macclesfield FC said: “We tried our best and presented the women’s football team a ‘profitable package’ that the club had denied to accept.”

Therefore, to ‘make a borderline between the two clubs, ‘they requested Macc Town Ladies FC to transform their badge design.

The Ladies rejected the idea, which led Macclesfield FC Ladies to warn about taking legal action as they have legally registered their design.

Talking to Cheshire Live, Macc Town Ladies FC chairperson David Hubbard said that the club has run out of enough finances to fight with Town FC legally. That’s why he decided to accept the modified badge, but he still thinks they have won a ‘moral’ war as Town FC willingly gives them enough time to change their badge.

He further said: “Still we have not accepted each and everything they’ve demanded and said in there. There’s a lot more in story.”

“Right now, it’s worth-mentioning that they’ve given us time until the start of upcoming season to change all our kit”.

“From this angle, to be honest, we’re so excited. We’re sad that we’ve to get the money to do that, but that’s the only option left, and we’ll get a move on with it.”

“But still, the most exciting thing is that they’ve at least showed a little sense and provided us that time. Of course, it would not have been possible to do it earlier.”

“We believe that the main reason behind them taking that position might be the fans who pressurized them and have motivated us enthusiastically on social media platforms.”

Macclesfield Town FC was reinvigorated as Macclesfield FC at the end of last year after native entrepreneur Robert Smethurst purchased the club, with senior Premier League player Robbie Savage as the controller of the football club.

The fight over the badge is mainly due to the blue coloured lion grasping the garment of wheat, which is possessed by Macclesfield Town Council, which permits organizations inside the town to use the lion.

Macclesfield Town Council said: “Macclesfield FC inquired the council at the end of December if they could get lisence to use the lion and the wheat garb in the badge for their football club, which the council accepted”

“We understand the matter that Macclesfield FC wants Macclesfield Town Ladies FC to make their badge different from them as they are similar.”

“The council can permit Macclesfield Town Ladies to also use the same lion and the wheat garb in their logo also.”

“We wish for the peaceful solution to this dispute for both parties and move forward to achieve success.”


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