In England, One-Fourth of Teen From 12 to 15 Years Got Their First COVID Vaccine Dose


About one-quarter of children in England between 12 and 15 have been given the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine.

As of November 3, 25.3% of the population had received their COVID vaccination. But according to estimates by the Government, the vaccination rate was about 20.1% last week.

Teenagers in England have been taking the vaccine at a rapid rate in recent weeks. It became possible only when vaccination centres across the country started offering injections.

First doses were usually administered in schools in the past. Despite this, England is still behind Wales and Scotland when it comes to vaccination.

Welsh children aged 12-15 appeared to have acquired the first dose up to 45.9%. However, Scots are estimated to have received the dose up to 54.7% of the teen population.

The figures for take-up differ somewhat in each of the three countries. Vaccination data came from the national immunisation databases in England and Wales. However, for Scotland, they use figures provided by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Scotland has had access to vaccines since September 20 for 12-15-year-olds. These services were usually present at clinics and other community locations.

England also started rolling out vaccinations on September 20. In the beginning, vaccinations were provided primarily by the NHS in schools.

The situation changed briefly in the lead up to half-term once parents and their children could book a vaccination online at a local centre. Also, the prevalence of infection in the community could have influenced take-up in England.

If a person has been diagnosed with Covid-19, is awaiting the results of a coronavirus test, or is self-isolating, they cannot get their first dose of vaccine.

The Office for National Statistics estimates that in the week leading up to October 22, approximately 9 per cent of children aged 7-11 tested positive for Covid-19 in England, the highest rate of any age group.

At the same time, there are indications that teens in Scotland are taking less of their first doses as their uptake rate slowed. It went from 54.7% to 53.2% in the past week.

NHS Wales administered the first dose of vaccines for 12-15-year-olds on October 4. A small number of vaccinations happened in schools, with most taking place at vaccination centres.

Vaccines are being offered in schools in Northern Ireland to students aged 12 to 15. But the figures on the number of vaccinations taken are not yet available.


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