Historic Royal Hotel In Crewe Listed For Sale For £1.6 Million


One of Crewe’s historic hotels, the Royal Hotel, is worth 1.6 million pounds near the railway station and is up for sale.

The Royal Hotel located on Nantwich Road posted on its Facebook page in 2020 that it would be closed for a while. Recently, it has now been listed on Zoopla, a real estate website.

This building at the site dates from the 18th century. According to the listing, this would make an excellent investment for an individual or organization searching for ample space.

This locally-listed property lies within walking distance of the place at which Crewe’s HS2 railway line will originate.

During the 2018 strategic planning board meeting, Cheshire East Council approved a 243 space plan for a five-storey car park at the back of the hotel.

The two live music venues located at the hotel, Langtry’s and The Corner Bar, have also been announced that they will temporarily remain closed in March 2020.

On Monday, August 6, The Corner Bar once again opened its doors to the public. They posted on their Facebook page: “The Corner Bar will reopen tomorrow, following the removal of all social distancing!”

Langtry’s seems to be still closed per its announcement of temporary closure.

Sixteen out of the building’s thirty-six rooms have been upgraded as part of a comprehensive renovation. You can find it right a few minutes’ walk from the football stadium, Crewe Alexandra.

The Royal has closed its doors at the same time that the Crewe Arms Hotel has. Note that both Royal and Crewe Arms Hotel are situated in the same area.

Notice saying ‘stop’ has been posted at the entrance of the Best Western Crewe Arms Hotel. The message informs the public that the place is no longer open for people.

A sign posted on the building’s front entrance says: “We apologize for any inconvenience regarding car parking. The hotel is closed to visitors at the moment.

“You must make an online reservation if you plan to use the parking lot. Please visit yourparkingspace.co.uk and browse Crewe Arms Hotel there.

“We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you very much.”

The Best Western website did not allow future reservations. This was mentioned on the door, written as “all hotel facilities” are closed.

The building is among the oldest ones in Crewe and was built in 1837 as a railway station hotel. It was rebuilt in 1880 and converted to the Royal Hotel. Formerly, it was used for gatherings of the previous Cheshire County Council, and Queen Victoria was also once a guest here.


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