A Free Course By Chester’s Business Woman For Business Owners To Boost Confidence


Small business confidence is slipping as a result of the pandemic, according to a Chester businesswoman. So, she is on a mission to boost the morale of small business owners and maintain their energy.

From October 18, 2021, Marie-Claire Ashcroft hosted a free five-day “Confidence Revolution Challenge” to motivate stressed business people. Other purposes of the conference were to enable business owners to overcome isolation, insecurity, stress, and mental health concerns.

Based on the September Mastercard Report statistics by CEBR, small businesses generate 36% of total UK private sector turnover. From the labour force, they account for 48%.  

In the same report, it comes forward that some small and micro-businesses in the UK are at significant risk. They can miss a growth opportunity worth £827 billion during the coming five years. Its main reason could be the lack of digital assistance after the 2019 and 2020 corona pandemic.

Among the groups most likely to be neglected are women and ethnic minorities. It is because of their comfort with finding resources or adjusting to changes after the outbreak.

The purpose is focused on what Marie-Claire calls entrepreneurs and creatives who are busy-brained and have big hearts. They must question their self-image and shift it to present themselves with a different image to be confident.

Marie-Claire spent a large part of her life in depression and struggled with mental health. So, she is acutely aware of self-perceptions affecting her ability to succeed in her personal and professional life.

In her business, Marie-Claire’s core goal is to empower small business owners. She wanted them to make a difference in their communities through their work and make the world a better place.

With everyone facing challenging times (pandemic), it is essential that business owners prosper and positively impact society. Their task should not simply be to feel that the last two years have been a struggle.

Marie-Claire’s message of confidence resonates with women business owners more than men, although the challenge is open to everyone.

65% of respondents to the Rose Report of Female Entrepreneurship reported feeling a great deal of confidence when meeting people who share their beliefs. In addition, 49% have an increased sense of confidence after seeing ‘people like me’ flourishing.

This challenge intends to question existing skills and experience deficiencies, create a community of business owners with similar interests, and motivate people to consider themselves part of a giant enterprise but feel like they are fighting alone.


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