Mistakes That Can Invalidate Your Home Or Car Insurance


You may not realize many things, such as leaving your windows open while away from home, not telling anyone about a new job, or sharing holiday pictures on social media, which might prevent you from getting insurance.

According to Money supermarket, more than a quarter approximately 27% of people have left windows open while out. Yet, they were unaware this could cause the denial of a home insurance claim.

According to the website, while on holiday, sharing a selfie on social media, which 16% of people said they did without knowing it could invalidate their insurance, can also alert burglars to an empty house.

Throughout the Coronavirus lockdowns, many people have carried out home renovations like extensions. While countless stated that they didn’t realize they needed to notify their insurer about renovations.

Many people are unaware of the damages when they stay with their friends for an extended time, affecting their insurance policy.

When it comes to car insurance, 16 per cent of drivers were also unaware that changing jobs or their job titles without telling their policyholders could void their policies, according to the survey, which was surveyed from 2,000 people across the UK in June.

Praksha Patel-Shah, an insurance expert at Money supermarket, says: “Whatever your insurance policies are, familiarize yourself with their terms and conditions so that you have the right coverage and will be benefited from it.”

The following are a few best ways through which people may have void their car insurance without realizing it, as reported by Money supermarket:

1. Changed jobs/job title without informing your provider, 16%.

2. When a pet is unrestrained on the seat, 15%

3. 11% of people who had an accident did not tell their insurer about the damage to their car

4. The main address was not updated; 7%

5. You provided your insurance provider with incorrect information regarding where you parked your car overnight, 7%

Following are some of the best ways people may have voided their homeowner’s insurance without realizing it:

1. When leaving your house/flat, left a window open, 27%

2. Shared a snapshot on social media while on vacation, 16%

3. Did not notify your insurer about renovations, 16%

4. Failed to lock a door after leaving a house, 12 %

5. Hosted a friend for more than a month, 10%


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