Regulations On Visiting Llandudno, Abersoch And Snowdonia After lockdowns In Wales


Recently, the Welsh First Minister issued supplementary regulations, urging people to avoid unnecessary travel. The query is, what does it mean for people who have already planned to go to Wales?

Lockdowns are in place in six localities: Rhondda Cynon Taf, Blaenau Gwent, Caerphilly, Bridgend, Newport, and Merthyr – the public is being advised; not to travel beyond essential destinations; how does that impact holidaymakers?

It is still legal to travel to and from Wales regardless of recent advice. Therefore, you might still get away unless the area is on lockdown.

According to an official announcement, the Welsh Government said that holidays in and out of Wales are not banned, which means people can still visit hotspots such as Abersoch and Llandudno.

According to the Welsh Government website, accommodations, bars, and restaurants are permitted in Wales as long as they meet Covid-19 safety obligations.

As it states: “most of the services will be available as usual, but public areas will require face coverings.”

However, what about caravanners and campers? Campgrounds have been possible to open, while people must socially distance themselves and follow strict cleaning procedures.

According to the website: “Parks can open their toilets, showers, pot wash and laundry facilities to campers and caravanners, they took provided measures to ensure physical separation and proper sanitation.”

You can spend holidays with people in your extended family or on your own. Considering the ‘rule of six’ announcement on September 14, it must be limited to six people. Under-11s aren’t counted.

The Welsh Government said ‘tourism is hugely important to the country, but people are advised to think carefully before visiting.

They further stated that “There are local restrictions in some parts of Wales. “Only those with “reasonable excuses” may travel into and out of these areas. In addition, using public services that are not available locally also counts as going to work where you can’t work from home.

“Thus, Wales is a famous tourist destination, and tourists are not restricted from visiting areas of Wales that are not subject to local regulations.

There is no reason people shouldn’t come to this part of Wales. However, we are asking people to plan their visits carefully. If you have symptoms of Coronavirus, you should not travel, and you should always check the current information for the area you plan to visit.”


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