A Team of Undercover Police Is Patrolling Schools In Cheshire To Ensure Protection of Vulnerable Girls


Our county’s top officers are pleased to inform us we have many undercover police officers patrolling near Cheshire schools to safeguard schoolgirls from abuse and harassment.

Additionally, a new Police and Crime Plan is being implemented by the Police and Crime Commissioner this week. Mark Roberts, the county’s chief constable, said plain-clothes officers would perform their undercover duty in the county’s nightclubs out of concern for revelers being targeted by predators.

In response to questions at the launch, the Chief Constable (CC) spoke explicitly about the domestic assault. However, he noted that violence against women and girl’s poses ‘broader issues’ that need to be addressed.

He further added that “We are undertaking some covert operations in the plain-clothes around all the schools where schoolgirls are subjected to abuse and some of the cat-calling and nasty things that can happen.

Similarly, he also added, “We are doing it in schools throughout the county to ensure that people are safe and they can swing across the country.”

He also announced that the constabulary would engage in ‘significant operational activity over the next few weeks to ensure the holiday season is safe for everyone.

 “We have several initiatives leading up to Christmas to keep the night-time economy from falling, both covertly and overtly, to ensure the safety of people who are out to have fun and their lives are safe and sound. Unfortunately, there are predators out there who would like to take advantage of innocent people. He Quoted:

“Nationwide, that’s a very important issue, but before we get to that point, we strive to stay on top of bad things and to ensure the safety of our public.”

In addition, he reaffirmed the force’s commitment to combating violence against women. Still, He said they could ‘not just arrest nasty people but also want to way out of the problem, with a cooperative approach collaborating with other organizations.

As he described it: “We are doing our best, but there is always room for improvement. But our partners will also have to do their part.

“With regards to issues such as Domestic Violence Protection Orders (DVPO), I am focusing my energy and focus on that, as it’s important to keep people safe. In addition, we acknowledge that prosecution isn’t always the only option, but we need to work with our partners on this.”


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