Robbers Armed With A Fake Gun Burst Into Cheshire’s Bank And Fled With Pounds


Two Knutsford men were sentenced to jail for leaving bank staff members frightened after a robbery in which they used a fake gun.

Jason Jenyons, 51, and Paul Broughton, 43, committed an armed robbery at Nat-West in Knutsford at 12.40 p.m. on Friday, March 5.

One man was carrying a fake gun while the other wore a motorbike helmet before fleeing on a motorbike for £14,100.

The bank manager was watching customers outside when a man pushed him from behind. As he looked, he saw someone holding a firearm.

As he tried to enter a safe room, two men grabbed him and forced him into the bank while another man watched the exit.

The gunman had asked the cashier for money, and he put cash into the bag he was carrying.

During the incident, one customer hid in an interview room to protect himself from the robbers. Another employee saw the gunman on CCTV, which prompted her to activate the panic button and call the police.

Jenyons and Broughton left the scene with £14,100 before they got on a motorbike in Old Market Place and rode off to Moorside.

Because of the investigation, Jenyons was identified as a suspect, which led to his arrest the following day (March 8).

During a search of his address, officers discovered an enormous amount, including his bedroom.

The cash was tainted with red dye, and some of it had been discovered in a liquid container.

The dye pack was also found in the search, along with other incriminating evidence, and the man was later charged with burglary and robbery conspiracy.

Shortly after the robbery, a police investigation led to their identification, and Broughton was arrested on March 8.

We found a cash stash of £400 in his possession, with some notes showing slight red tinges. Then he was charged with robbery and unlawful possession of a weapon.

“Cheshire Constabulary’s Detective Sergeant, Rob McCubbin, declared: “The robbers have frightened the people in the bank, who have been dealing with the incident.

Thankfully, bank robberies are not as common as they used to be.

“Jenyons and Broughton are now learning the full gravity of their actions and how grave the courts view this type of crime.

“I am grateful to the witnesses and victims for giving testimony that enabled us to convict these two men.

“The same applies to the detectives and staff who were integral in the investigation and successful prosecution of the case.

“It shows that how the community and the police work together relentlessly to find criminals and prosecute them, thus serving as a warning to criminals.”

Therefore, Broughton was found guilty of robbery and possessing a fake gun at an earlier court appearance, and Jenyons also faced severe charges.

As a result, Broughton was jailed for 12 years, while Jenyons was given a 15-year sentence while both with an extended three-year licence added on Wednesday, November 10.


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