Omicron COVID Variant Sparks ‘Chaos’ Warning To Schools In England


Students, teachers, and parents have been warned that the new Omicron Covid variant may cause “chaos” in schools across The UK. Over the weekend, the new regulations came into effect for schools.

Omicron Variant Cases Confirmed In The UK

In the UK, the first Omicron variant of Covid-19 was confirmed in the last week. At present, there are 11 confirmed cases, including six in Scotland and five in the UK.

England’s schools are being given new guidance regarding the Omicron Covid variant:

To combat the spread of Omicron Covid-19 in England’s schools and colleges, wearing face-covering with masks is brought back for communal spaces.

The new guidance states that all staff, visitors and students in Year 7 – their first year of secondary school and above are “recommended” to wear masks unless exempted.

The measure, which goes into effect on Monday, will apply to all educational institutions, including universities and childcare centres.

It is not recommended to wear masks in classrooms but in communal areas like corridors. These are interim guidance that will be reviewed within three weeks, the Department for Education said.

New COVID Guidance In Schools Is A ‘Calamity’

Molly Kingsley, a founder of parents’ group UsForThem, told The Telegraph: “We learnt from a summer when we forced healthy children to isolate.”

She reintroduced the idea. It would be “shameful” to take such measures for children, as schools face “calamity.”

Steve Baker, MP of the Covid Recovery Group, said the new guidance could cause “anarchy” in classrooms across the country.

Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi States The New COVID Initiatives

Nadhim Zahawi, the Education Secretary, commented: “New variants – such as the Omicron variant, are causing concern among the people, including our teachers, more comprehensive education and childcare assistants, parents, students and teachers.

It takes us to learn more about the new variant during this crucial time, and we are already taking targeted proportionate action.

According to him: “As we move forward, we will strive to prioritize the education and wellbeing of children and young people. Making unfailing education and childcare conditions are as safe as possible and that the classroom experience continues to benefit children.

“Safety measures are being strengthened in schools and childcare centers, including the introduction of ten-day isolation for close contacts of alleged Omicron patients. Also, we are pleased for your patience and dedication in supporting our children and young people.”


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