A Booster Shot For COVID In England, Wales, And Scotland


Because of the rise of Omicron COVID, the government is encouraging people to get a booster shot this winter.

The COVID booster jab is available in England, Wales, and Scotland, but who can get it? And do you know how you can book booster jabs in each country?

How To Book A COVID Booster Shot In England

A booster dose is on the way to everyone aged 18 and over on the NHS in England.

They would also give booster shots to 16- and 17-year-olds with a seriously weakened immune system.

Therefore, the Booster doses will be administered three months after the first dose, though the timescale is six months.

Health secretary Sajid Javid stated: “The best way to combat this virus is to get as many people vaccinated as possible. Therefore, I asked the Joint Committee on Vaccination to vigorously examine expanding and speeding up the vaccination programme considering the Omicron variant to protect an even greater number of people”.

“We plan to offer boosters to every adult in England by January 31, prioritizing those must vulnerable to the virus with the help of boosters, which will give them a gap between the second and third dose.”

How To Book A COVID Booster Jab In Wales

Wales has followed the recent advice of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization (JCVI) and is expanding the booster vaccination to all adults over 18.

Booster shot in Wales are being given in descending age people with priority given to the vaccination of more aged adults and those in COVID-at-risk groups.

Information on the Welsh Government website declares: “Please all of you must wait for an invitation; your health board will communicate to you when it’s your turn.

“Booster vaccinations are being given in descending order of age, focusing on older adults and those at risk for COVID-19.

The health boards are working their way through those eligible for it more quickly and safely.

How To Book A COVID Booster Shot In Scotland

The JCVI has recommended that all adults in Scotland be given a booster vaccine and they discovered it after a third vaccine significantly improved protection from severe infections.

The booster shots aim to control a potential swing of infections because of the Omicron virus.

Everyone over the age of 40 is clinical; we invite vulnerable people, so they have to book their booster shots in Scotland.

But soon, everyone over 18 can book a booster shot.

Therefore, the third dose of the vaccine will be administered not less than three months after the second dose.

I have cut this time frame between the second vaccine and booster shot from six months to three, following the JCVI guidelines.

Booking your booster jab is possible through the vaccine portal on the website of the NHS Inform Scotland.

At present, people aged 40 and over can book their COVID vaccines through the NHS website.


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