Gallagher Prolongs Title Sponsorship Agreement With Premiership Rugby


There is good news about the Premiership Rugby and Gallagher sponsorship deal. As a result, the two sides’ contract has been signed for a long term.

Insurance broker Olympian Gallagher has prolonged its title sponsorship agreement with Premiership Rugby.

Title sponsorship was taken over by the company in 2018, following Aviva’s departure. Allied Dunbar, Guinness, and Zurich have sponsored the event in the past. They have not released details of their sponsorship.

Christopher E. Mead, chief marketing officer (CMO) of Gallagher, continues, “Gallagher Premiership Rugby is a league unlike any other. Therefore, its confluence of high-octane action and intense competition attracts an ever-larger audience in the United Kingdom and throughout the world.” 

So it has taken the Gallagher brand into millions of new homes and businesses, creating better awareness of what we work out and how we can support individuals and organizations manage personal and commercial risk.

“By signing this new agreement, we are looking forward to building up a natural partnership between two increasingly globally known and fast-growing franchises with shared values and ethical standards.

“Committing to stretch our role as title partner will concede us to build on the phenomenal awareness already generated by the partnership, intensify our relationships with the communities environing the 13 Gallagher Premiership Rugby clubs and assist us in supporting local business allies with specialist opinion and products tailored to their individual requirements.

“Being able to welcome fans, including our own Gallagher colleagues and clients, back into stadiums has been brilliant and given us a powerful reminder of how sport can bring people and communities together.”

Mark Brittain, the chief commercial officer (CMO) of Premiership Rugby, has added: “Gallagher Premiership Rugby has never been as engaging and inspiring as it is today and together, with Gallagher, we have found new ways to keep fans engaged, expand our audience and attract more significant numbers ever, as we have proceeded to work together to make the game better.

“We are much captivated to have reaffirmed our partnership and also looking forward to extending on the last four years for the benefit of everyone associated in club rugby. “During what has certainly been a challenging time for the sports business, Gallagher has proved itself to be a potent ally and responsive partner willing to meet all the challenges. And also respond to these hard tests which the global pandemic has flattened the rugby association and vigorously affected it.”


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